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Top 6 Games To Play Over The Holidays

Top 6 Games To Play Over The Holidays

Previously we’ve ranted on about how the Uncharted franchise is the perfect videogame series to play over Christmas.

Naturally some of you disagreed. So here’s six more that are also worthy of your consideration.


Celebrate Christmas by getting lost in a magical fantasy land where everything is under control, you get everything you want and you can do whatever you please. Then play Skyrim.


Every sane person loves LittleBigPlanet, and every sane person will also do well to go and check out the boatload of Christmas-themed content available. Go on, you grinch. It’ll make you feel better.


This is available for download from the PS Store right now for the measly price of £3.99. Download one of the original PlayStation’s greatest platformers and experience the colours! The spectacle! The over-the-top nature of it all! The sickening feeling of jumping around too much!

Sounds like Christmas to us.

DC Universe Online

Firstly, a word of warning: if you want to play this on Christmas Day then you probably should have started downloading this two years ago. Weighing in at a massive 17 gigs (at least), this superhero flavoured MMO is well worth the download: imaginary characters in brightly dressed outfits performing outrageous feats? Yup.

As an aside, DC UO also gives players a Christmas-flavoured gift in the shape of a song that plays in the background while you play. This took one member of Play an hour to download. Thanks, DC UO!

Batman: Arkham City

Not only is it a great game that bears repeated playthroughs, but it also has Calendar Man. No doubt he’ll have something nice to say to you on Xmas day.

Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus Collection

Two wonderful, dreamlike experiences that will only become yet more hallucinatory after a thousand ounces of turkey and six glasses of wine. You’ll believe that you’re actually there, man.

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  • Jack

    I always play LittleBigPlanet with my sisters on Christmas morning.