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Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments

Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments

NowGamer has put together a list of the Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments, featuring insight from developers talking about what drove them to create such moments in the first place. It’s a great list for that alone so even if you hate list features, and we know there are some of you out there who foam at the mouth at the very thought of them, it’s definitely worth clicking through. You’ll learn something, at the very least.


There are plenty of moments we agree with. Realising you’re a killer in Fahrenheit set the bar high in the opening scene for David Cage’s murder mystery, which is probably what caused the mind-warping pressure on the development as the game drew to a close – remember the bit where you died but you were still alive and had a child with the detective chasing you for murder? Or when you had the Matrix fight with Oracle on the rooftop, flying around the sky throwing bricks at each other? Or when sweet old Aunt Agatha turned out to be a yellow AI robot from the future? Yeah. Thanks, Fahrenheit.

NowGamer also nods to the cow-launching in Earthworm Jim. It was one of the strangest platforming games ever made and perfect fodder for they-don’t-make-’em-like-they-used-to arguments, but the one thing that made the cow-launching moment even cooler/weirder/more-memorable-er is the way it comes back at the game’s ending. We won’t go into detail because you can get Earthworm Jim HD on PSN. It’s worth playing. Still a great game and a great moment worth celebrating.

Silent Hill 2

Another great moment we agree on is fighting Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, although it’s not the greatest moment from that game, for Play’s money (£2.14, after buying lunch at Subway). No, that goes to the moment where James realises the note that brought him to Silent Hill – the one from his wife who had been dead for three years – was blank. Gasp! It was all in his head! And thus follows the revelation that it was his guilt bringing him to Silent Hill. Pyramid Head ties into that and really, full credit should go to Silent Hill 2 for having more great moments than the rest of the series combined.

Then there’s God of War II, Uncharted 2 (with input from Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells), Shadow of the Colossus and plenty of other PlayStation3 games in there. You’re well represented, PS3 owners.

It doesn’t have my greatest gaming moment ever, which is the day I bought Shenmue II, and should be in your list too. No, not the day you bought Shenmue II. The day I bought it, changing my career path from super successful City banker high-fiving men in suits to editor of Play, changing the face of games journalism FOREVER.

(None of that is true by the way, I always wanted to work in games journalism ever since I read Mean Machines when I was a kid and should have been doing other stuff like being held up by my ankles so change fell from my pockets and eating Haribo from the floor or whatever it is that kids do, I don’t remember anymore. The point is Shenmue II is amazing and pretty much the best thing anyone has ever burned to disc, and I will fight anyone who argues otherwise. Anyway, back to the blog! Bye!)

To bring it back to the Top 50 Greatest Gaming Moments, we know what you’re really asking – what’s number one? What is the greatest gaming moment of ALL TIME?

We won’t ruin it for you but let’s just say it’s a game every PlayStation owner should have played, with insight from a developer every PlayStation owner should love and it’s a moment every PlayStation owner should remember…

Let us know what you think of the list and what you think deserves number one.

(Clue: It’s Shenmue II.)

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