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Top 5 Xbox 360 Exclusives PS3 Would Like

Exclusives, console wars, fanboys and definitive versions. All part and parcel of owning a console in these modern times when we can shout at each other on the internet. Even though we have our colours nailed firmly to the PlayStation mast, there are times when we can’t help but peek over the fence to see what is going on in yonder white-and-green lands. They have exclusives too. But are any of them worth bringing over to PlayStation? The five we’d like to see are:

Gears of War 3

Looking at the list of Microsoft exclusives in 2011, this is the only one that pops off the list. If you’ve played any shooter in the past few years that has clumsily forced you into cover when you follow the big X prompt that appears because you stood near a chest high rock, it’s because of Gears of War. The first one was awesome, the second one was ooookay, the third one is what Microsoft is heavily relying on to lead its charge next year. Take it away and…

Dance Central

It’s another variation of the already tiresome Move vs Kinect argument but this is the only game that has really stood out on either platform to date. And technically speaking, it’s not strictly possible given the point of the game is that it sees your body movement which can’t be done on Move. Still, as the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band slowly fade away, Dance Central looks like it’s at the forefront of a new genre. Harmonix is responsible for all three series, so it would be great to see what they could do with Move if bringing Dance Central over isn’t possible.

Fallout: New Vegas DLC

It will eventually come to PlayStation3 but it’s still fairly irritating that Xbox 360 owners get to play it first. Not as irritating as getting stuck in that glitched room in Atomic Wrangler forcing you to restart entirely or telling a follower to stay somewhere before forgetting exactly where an hour later or finding yourself suddenly locked out of the strip 40 hours into the game or not levelling up at all because of a weird save issue you only found out about when you made that angry post on GameFAQs. But, you know. It’s still annoying.


So now I’m officially running out of exclusives we like the sound of. I don’t even think I want this. I don’t even know what it is. Still, PC geeks happily clatter their keyboard about it and given they were the ones snapping up Deus Ex, Half-Life and Portal in their drives, they must know something about games. Then again they also bought Supreme Commander in their droves but hey, everyone makes mistakes.

Mass Effect

Not Mass Effect 2, because we’re getting that. No, this is a reference to the original, which has the better soundtrack. You might think that’s a really odd observation to make but it’s not, it’s one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Mass Effect 2 also has a good soundtrack, it doesn’t match the synthy atmosphere of stuff like this or this. Actually, you know what? Just download the soundtrack. You don’t even need the game.

Just so you know I haven’t completely lost the plot with this blog, come back tomorrow for Top PS3 Exclusives Xbox 360 Would Like. And trust me, that list was much easier to write…

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  • TeX

    LOL and lets hear the TOP 100 ps3 Exclusives M$ would love to have

  • Deehan1888

    Totally agree with this. Gears is the only exclusive I want. I’ve got an xbox but I never play it. I’m holding off till gears comes out before I trade it in. Hated Halo & I don’t like RPGs so Fable looks pump. Alan Wake looked shit & turned out to be so.
    GT5, Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance, Killzone, Heavy Rain, LBP are all great games exclusive to PS3 that can’t be touched by any xbox games.

    Don’t get wrong I’m not a PS3 fanboy or anything I used to play xbox all the time but the good games are few & far between nowadays.

  • RBL

    GoW3 sure
    dance central umm no i don’t care how good it is i’m not dancing end of
    FO:NV DLC…. ummm the game was buggy from the start and from what i hear (kinda funny knowing i’m half deaf….maybe not) it’s been patched, but where still getting it right… so it’s not realy exclusive though M$ really love rermoving the whole “timed” to any “exclusive” they may have for it will came to us PS3 games after some time.
    X-Com never heard of it and with this quote i probly won’t either “Reviews for X-COM: Enforcer were mixed, receiving an overall Metascore of 65”
    Mass Effect sure looking forward to playing the second one on the ps3, sound track… look above… yeah the deafness thing gets in the way

    now what i would love to see is Fable 2 and 3, played the first one and liked it enough to make me think of buying the second for the pc, how dissapointed i was to find it was 360 exculsive
    id lookfor others but the site i use to buy games has gone into maintence

  • David

    That’s what people said about Fallout 3 DLC and GTA4 DLC and look what happened, they’re now on both. I have got both consoles so whilst i’d prefer to have them on PS3 i’m not too bothered. I only buy 1 game a year on 360 anyway, which is usually an installment of Gears or Halo.

  • Rick

    How can you not mention Halo? That’s a huge reason why I would buy the Box..