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Top 5 Videogame Star Wars references

Top 5 Videogame Star Wars references

If you’ve been playing Fallout: New Vegas as much as us (which is unlikely, as it’s only out in the UK today) and you’ve made your way from the quiet homestead of Goodsprings and explored the outskirts of Nipton, you may or may not have discovered two corpses labelled ‘Owen’ and ‘Beru’. Now, for those of you who know your Salacious Crumbs from your Bib Fortunas, and know just how fast the Millennium Falcon can make the Kessel Run (less than 12 parsecs, thank you) you will immediately recognise this as a reference to Star Wars – you know those three films George Lucas made? Those THREE films?

After spotting this wonderful little Easter egg our minds were suddenly ablaze with Star Wars references in other videogame titles. The impact of Lucas’ films is felt everywhere in pop culture, and videogames are certainly  no exception. As such we’ve ran a list of our favourites here for your reading pleasure – oh, and before we go on, Han shot first. End of.

5. Super Star Wars

There are so many references to Star Wars here they’re hard to count…ok, just kidding. The real list starts here:

5. (really this time) LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

The opening of Indie’s first LEGO outing is a remake of the excellent introductory sequence to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Here events take a slightly different turn, however, with Indiana attempting to fool rival treasure hunter Belloq with a fake idol in an attempt to retain the real treasure. The fake idol? A mounted golden C-3PO head. Belloq’s wise to the act, however, and mocks Indiana by imitating the droid’s stiff walk and making mechanical gear movements.

4. Final Fantasy

The most clear reference to Star Wars in the Final Fantasy series are the minor characters Biggs and Wedge, who of course pay homage to Alliance starfighter pilots Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles. They first appeared in Chrono Trigger as imperial soldiers, but appeared in FFVII as part of Avalanche, a Galbadian soldiers in FFVIII, Al Bhed Blitzball players in FFX, Aht Urghan Mercenaries in FFXI…the list goes on. The references don’t end there either, play almost any Final Fantasy game and you’ll find a series to Lucas films somewhere along the line.

3. Lightsabers!

Let’s be frank – lightsabers are cool, so it’s no surprise that everyone wants one in their game. Your games not a part of the Star Wars universe? Whatever, stick one in there anyway. No one’s going to argue with a sword made out of lasers. Whether their outright facsimiles or cheap knock offs, lightsabers can be seen in everything from World Of WarCraft. Our favourite? Get more kills with melee strikes than guns in Silent Hill 3 and Heather gets a lightsaber. Even Pyramid Head ain’t gonna mess with that.

2. The Monkey Island series

Coming from the creative geniuses at LucasArts, it’s not surprised that Monkey Island is chock-full of Star Wars references. Monkey island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge parodies Luke’s encounter with Darth Vader in Empire Strikes back (LeChuck: “I am your brother”, Guybrush: “That’s not true, that’s impossible!”); The Curse Of Monkey Island parodies Princess Leia’s famous request for help in A New Hope, and Threepwood uses Obi-Wan’s famous mind trick in his attempts to enter the Brimstone Beach Club on Plunder Island…we could go on, but we’d be here all day.

1. “I have a bad feeling about this”

This phrase, made famous in A New Hope, is something of a running gag for the series. It’s used in every film, and every LucasArts game based on Star Wars. It can be heard in The Secret Of Monkey Island, of course, and in so many other games it’s hard to count. The troopers say it constantly in Civil War Secret Missions; Zach Hammond utters it during Dead Space; it’s spoken repeatedly in the Halo series; Balrog The Fierce says it to Erik The Swift in the opening sequence to Lost Vikings II; it’s said numerous times in Mass Effect; Phoenix Wright says it when Manfred von Karma interrupts his trial; Peppy Hare intonates it in Star Wing; the Xenosaga series borrows it liberally. The phrase existed before Star Wars, sure, but Lucas’s films popularised it, and it’s hard to find another phrase that’s repeated in gaming with such frequency.

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  • Emma Fowler

    My favourite blog entry in ages, thank you for the homage to my utter obsession with Star Wars!