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Top 5 PS3 Rumours That Never Happened

Top 5 PS3 Rumours That Never Happened

Like any industry that relies heavily on media, PR and word of mouth, there’s also a lot of gossip and hearsay (remember them?) doing the rounds. Sometimes it’s accurate and scuppers perfectly laid PR plans to waste as marketing suits desperately try to recalibrate their strategy now the element of surprise has been taken away. Other times… well, see below.

5. Splinter Cell: Conviction On PS3

You could replace Splinter Cell: Conviction with any Microsoft exclusive over the years that isn’t called Halo – Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead 2 are examples of those that have been prominently mentioned. But it’s Splinter Cell: Conviction that has remained the strangest and most confusing of all. Ubisoft famously publishes its games on every format known to man and would probably happily greenlight a Splinter Cell flash game if it saw any ways of plucking dollars from it and yet, Conviction only came to Xbox 360. Timed exclusive then? If so, Ubisoft’s timing is awful.

4. Sony Can Secretly Access Your PS3

A recent one this as the rumour did the rounds when Sony booted out a firmware update in the aftermath of the ZOMG PS3 IZ TEH HAX0RED!!11 pandemonium. The rumour was that Sony added a rootkit, which meant Sony could secretly access your PlayStation3 without you knowing. But the rumour was debunked when it emerged that, erm, they could always do that anyway. Doh. “It’s been known for a while that a networked PS3 will contact Sony servers at start up (whether it has an active PlayStation network account on it or not), which performs various tasks related to error logs, updates and other activities,” says Boyd, who works under the mysterious pseudonym of Paperghost. Woooo.

Yes, that was supposed to be a ghost noise.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

You could pick any moment in time from the PlayStation2’s release onwards to find plenty of talk about a Final Fantasy VII remake. It’s the Sony equivalent of Shenmue III rumours and probably just as (un)likely to happen too. Why? Because it’ll involve an astronomical amount of moment for a project that will only sell to the hardcore Final Fantasy fans demanding it, given the appeal (old game made new) could miss out on the casual market altogether. Ask yourself this – would you play a Final Fantasy VII remake? The answer varies more than you may realise.

2. External Power Supply

A very early rumour that landed around E3 2005, when the anti-PlayStation3 chatter was running rampant. It didn’t help that a year later, Sony’s then-gaming chief Ken Kutaragi would say “the power supply could almost be sold separately.” Still, the as loud as the headslapping at Sony was, the PlayStation3 was released without an external power supply only for the same rumours to resurface when word of PlayStation3 Slim emerged. That had no external power supply either. So to summarise – there will be no external power supply for PlayStation3. EVER.

1. Second-Hand Games Won’t Work

A bizarre rumour that came out of nowhere before PlayStation3 was launched and caused enough ripples that Sony had to issue a statement shooting them down. The story was tied into an earlier rumour that any PlayStation3 software would bind itself to the specific console it was played on, making it impossible to play that same game on another console. That would make second-hand game sales redundant, as they’d no longer work on other consoles. “PlayStation 3 software will not be copy protected to a single machine but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console,” said Sony, probably stunned at having to state the obvious.

One interesting point of note – the industry has shifted to try and soften the impact of second-hand sales, seen in EA and THQ’s decision to make certain aspects of their games (typically online modes) unlockable with free codes included in fresh boxed copies. The second-hand sales rumour doesn’t seem quite so daft now as it did all those years ago…

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  • Don’t care, I still want a FFVII remake (oh, and Kingdom Hearts 3)

  • keysy

    i think some of these are a little early splinter cell conviction 2 may come to ps3.
    sony can access your ps3 without you knowing it
    and if you buy a game on psn you can only have it on 5 system and with some you can’t play withing a certain amount of hours form the tim eyou was on another system. and then lastly game saves in some game are uncopiable making them only work on one system. so looks like there is only 2 things it didnt do

  • Joey

    Sony can access my ps3.. wooohh.. so could my mum. All they’d find is some music, game saves, my fl and maybe a slightly dirty browser history. Who would care? Unless you have something to hide, like your gay or a pedo. I’m neither and my Playstation proves it. Yay to lack of privacy!

  • Jack

    I agree with Albert.

  • StevenHibs

    What about XMB cross game chat!

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  • Sean

    I never did understand the logic behind the Splinter Cell Exclusivity. I mean why have so many loyal fans on the PS2 versions and then discontinue the story for the PS3 users. I don’t see Conviction 2 coming to PS3 either, we have already missed a chunk of the story so it wouldn’t make much sense.