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Top 5 PS3 Exclusives Xbox 360 Would Like

So after yesterday’s Xbox 360 Exclusives We’d Like On PS3, here’s the flipside of the same coin, as we list PlayStation3 exclusives that we’re sure Xbox 360 owners would like. In fact, that we know they want these exclusives. And all in all, wouldn’t you be annoyed to see the following titles exclusively on Xbox 360? Of course you would, because they’re bloody good. Onwards!

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

The obvious choice. The first game was arguably the best action-adventure of its ilk since Tomb Raider while the sequel is one of the rare examples of a game living up to its lofty expectations. So the third outing, which shifts the series to a sandy setting, with CO-OP and IN 3D makes me USE UNNECESSARY CAPS to convey the SHEER IMPORTANCE of this exclusive. Expect this to be Sony’s trump card to battle Microsoft’s Gears of War 3. They may be very different games but their SHEER IMPORTANCE to their respective consoles cannot be underestimated.

infamous 2

“It’s not even possible on Xbox 360! Ha!” is what developers Sucker Punch had to say about a possible Xbox 360 version, give or take a few words. Cole McGrath has returned, the melee system has been redesigned, the open world has been improved and it’s going to push the PlayStation3 further than ever before! Possibly. They haven’t said that yet. It’ll look pretty damn good though, that’s the point.

LittleBigPlanet 2

Even the beta is incredible, with players stepping up to the plate with their own versions of Heavy Rain, Afterburner, Street Fighter, original RPGs and so on. When you feel yourself in sheer awe of the games being created within the game itself, you have to wonder just how Media Molecule has managed to put this behemoth together. It stands as one of the most innovative titles being released next year and Xbox 360 doesn’t have anything that even attempts to match it.

The Last Guardian

The same argument can be made for The Last Guardian, the spiritual successor to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Those games are frequent mainstays of top 10 lists for PlayStation2, so Team Ico’s track record means The Last Guardian is a game that everyone will be watching closely. It won’t sell millions but its real value as an exclusive can be found in its originality and the diversity it’ll bring to PlayStation3 owner’s games collections. Again, there’s no real comparable title on Xbox 360.

Killzone 3

If Xbox 360 truly is the land of FPS games, then it would be well served by having Killzone 3 on its side. It doesn’t have Killzone 3 on its side though while there’s no confirmed Halo title to prop up the Xbox 360 line-up next year. Until the usual Call of Duty scrum kicks in towards the backend of 2011, Killzone 3 has the FPS landscape to itself providing it measures up and that’s something you won’t find on Xbox 360.

Those are the top five but that doesn’t include Twisted Metal, Resistance 3: Fall of Man, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Yakuza 4, Final Fantasy Versus XIII… there are more exclusives coming out next year than any other that we can remember. Let’s not even get started on the potential argument about definitive versions…

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  • sean

    I bet this list was easier to write than the other one. The only game that I really wanted that was an Xbox 360 exclusive was Mass Effect 2, but were getting that so I guess a Woop is in order. Woop!

  • David

    This is by far a better list. I only really care about Gears and Halo on 360 but there’s far more on PS3 and they are better than Halo.

  • Charlie


    I have been an Xbox360 owner since release day, and have often wondered what a ps3 would be like to own, Over the past 11 years I have struggled financially and have never really been able to afford much…Until now.
    I used to hear the odd person talk about their ps3 and then all the 360 owner trying to put a downer on them, and there was me sitting quietly in the corner.

    Well I have finally taken the dive and asked my wife to purchase me the 320gb model for Christmas and stated that I only want the exclusive titles, and so I know Im in for Uncharted 1&2, Killzone 2 and Little big planet. Along with a few Bluray titles.

    I dont have it in my hands as of yet as it is under lock and key until Christmas day, However I am extremely excited and already thinking of trading my 360 and games in for even more ps3 Titles. Guess its so long Gears of War 3 and hello Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, All Resistance titles, Infamous 1&2 Heavy Rain………Blah blah blah.

    Cant wait

    PS: sorry it took so long 🙁