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Top 5 PlayStation HD Remakes We’d Love To See

Top 5 PlayStation HD Remakes We’d Love To See

We’re mere minutes from sitting down and having a go of the Prince Of Persia HD Trilogy, and we’re rather excited. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time – and to a lesser extent its two sequels – was one of gaming’s greatest and most defining moments, and is still just as playable today as it was back in 2003. Now we get to sample all of that once again with a lovely new HD sheen put over the top. Bliss.

Now, we’ve voiced our doubts over the potential pitfalls of HD-remake-madness before – there are plenty of games that don’t need a HD remake whatsoever. But that’s a blog post for another topic. Here we’re going to consider five sensible PlayStation games that should definitely get the HD treatment. Come on, publishers. Let’s get the ball rolling on these.

Beware, there are some small spoilers ahead

Metal Gear Solid

This was a tough one. It was either going to be the first game or Metal Gear Solid 3 (just imagine that final scene in the field of white flowers rendered in HD), but then we thought that game still looks pretty amazing for its age anyway. The first game on the other hand…try playing MGS4. When Old Snake returns to Shadow Moses and the game jumps back in time to 1998, the change in visuals is almost frightening. The younger Snake needs a HD makeover – a proper one, not a GameCube Twin Snakes do-over. It’s a seminal game that many younger gamers may have missed out on. A second run could give Metal Gear Solid another chance in the spotlight with a younger generation of gamers who don’t even know what ‘standard’ definition means.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

More so than any Grand Theft Auto game that followed, Vice City captured the iconography of 80s cinema and music in one brilliant package. It was all rolled up jacket sleeves, cool shades, and breezy drives down Ocean Drive in an open-top convertible, watching the sun set while Yes Yes played from the radio. If any GTA game is deserving of a HD remake it’s this one – it’s easily the most intresting entry into the series when it comes to delivering something to look at. It would be a great disservice to the game to leave all those neon pinks, yellows and blues as they are when we have the technology to make them even brighter.

Final Fantasy VII

Yes, cue the moans groans – this is probably the most obvious entry that’s ever been made into any list, ever. But there’s a reason why it’s obvious, and that’s because it’s just so right. Fans have mostly been hankering for some kind of complete overhaul of the entire game, but we’d settle for just a bit of HDalisation around the edges. There’s just so much beautiful artwork in that game, so much astounding art direction, and such a brilliant and engrossing story that it would be counterintuitive not to do a HD remake. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Square Enix gets on the case?

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

In the same vein as the recent Monkey Island remakes, we’d like to see Castlevania remade with exactly the same gameplay and level design, but with all the sprites and environments redone with beautiful hand drawn textures. Just look at some of the concept art that was released alongside that game; it’s beautiful. A re-recording of that legendary soundtrack wouldn’t go amiss either. But the voice acting? Let’s leave that exactly as it was please – the worst part of Castlevania, even that was so bad it was good.


On a list of things likely to happen, with 10 being most likely, and 1 being about as likely as there ever being a Manhunt/Pokemon crossover game, the probability of a HD remake of Okami probably sits at about -2. The first game didn’t sell. The Wii port didn’t sell. The upcoming DS game probably won’t sell. Despite gamers’ desire for beautiful, innovative, different game experiences, they just don’t appear willing to part with their cash when it comes to Okami. A great pity, because this would make one beautiful HD game. Throw in a bit of HDR lighting, brighter colours, better defined lines…actually, we’re going to stop writing this because the thought of it never occurring is making us genuinely upset.

What games would you most like to see get the HD treatment?

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  • miles greb

    Those are good, i agree with Okami the most since it’s an all time great not enough people played…and that could help that.
    But my friends and i would LOVE if Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and maybe even coded or w/e it’s callled where on one disc with trophies and HD.

  • gmurda

    Street Fighter 3 Third Strike HD remix

  • james

    Replace Okami with Resi 4 and you’ve got yourself a beasty list! 😀

  • rawshack

    silent hill 2 and res 4

  • robert

    no question PANZER FRONT
    the best and only tank simulation.

  • Chris McMahon

    @rawshack I actually put Silent Hill 2 on this list and wrote about half of the entry, but in doing so I realised I had actually started to argue AGAINST a HD remake! I think the lo-fi, grainy, distorted look of it is actually part and parcel of what makes that game so great.

  • Emma Fowler

    I’m with Miles Greb on this one, Kingdom Hearts are a must. I’m still playing them on the PS2, and the reason I still have a PS2 really. Like the Platinum range, Sony should sort themselves out with a retro range. Keep them cheap, and they’ll sell loads. Yes, we like new games too, but sometimes, like an old comfy jumper, only a well loved favourite will do.

  • Sean

    MGS 1, yes. Although MGS 3 would be brilliant, hey why not the whole series. Same goes for the GTA’s on the PS2. They actually exist, and then I woke up 😛

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  • Kyle

    I can’t help but feel pity for Okami. I normally would buy a game like Okami on opening day no questions asked, however with the release of the ps3 it dissappeared in the massive torrent of ps3 hysteria. Anyways I bought it love it and would love to see it redone maybe with some additional content too… But unfortunately this may forever stay a dream.

  • Rackon345

    All Castlevania games on PS2