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Top 5 for 2011 – Ryan’s picks

Top 5 for 2011 – Ryan’s picks

So this morning, we were all laughing at Chris having a hangover. “Ha ha ha!” we laughed. “Ha ha ha!” We laughed and we pointed and we told everyone else and we asked how his head was even though we knew and we laughed some more. You know how it is. The way you pretend no-one ha had a hangover ever before but now someone you know has and his head really hurts because he was drinking last night and HAHAHA it’s so funny!

So my original plan was to write Top Games To Play While Chris McMahon has a hangover because HAHAHA hangovers LOL but it turns out that the Play team decided to this top 5 for 2011 thing instead. Oh. Which is probably just as well because Chris has said he has video footage of me rolling around on the hotel floor when a girl was trying to put me in the sharpshooter and he said it in a here’s-something-I’m-threatening-you-with way rather than a here’s-something-interesting-on-my-phone way.


Apologies for this rubbish blog. I have a hangover too. I’m just better at disguising them.

Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus Collection

I haven’t played Shadow Of The Colossus. It’s actually quite hard to justify the inclusion of this title beyond that sentence, so I won’t bother. I haven’t played it, so now I will.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Providing people don’t pick MODOK or Arthur online, which they will do, this will be awesome fun. It’s a simplified version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 but has all the chaos, calamity and carnage that made that game awesome. I already have my team of Tron/Dr Doom/Magneto ready for battle. As long as I don’t play against MODOK or Arthur. Why? Projectile spam. Remember these words in February when the game comes out. You’ll see.

Yakuza 4

Because we’re never going to get Shenmue III and this is Shenmue-lite, as close as Sega will ever get to recreating its sprawling Japanese action-adventure. It’s already out in Japan and the US but I’ve been patiently waiting for this one. Ahhh, the life of a gamer too lazy to import. I haven’t actually played a Yakuza game since the original, so now’s the perfect time to jump back in.

Batman: Arkham City

It took me ages to get round to playing Arkham Asylum despite everyone raving about it and then I had the cheek to be surprised when it turned out to be pretty bloody good. So I’m ready for this one. As long as they bring Scarecrow back and something that mirrors the brilliance of the bit where Batman is ‘shot’, I’ll be happy even if it turns into a karting game two hours in.

(I won’t. I’m making a point.)

Mass Effect 2

I have already completed it twice on Xbox 360 but I’m going to complete it again on PlayStation3. Because it’s just that damn good. And if you disagree, I’ll fight you. It’s a shame the soundtrack of the sequel doesn’t live up to the first, without tracks like

. Likewise, it’s a shame the Mako bits are gone, so you feel like the universe is a series of corridors you beam into rather than planets. Even so, PLAY IT. Because it is bloody brilliant.

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