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Top 5 Fives

Top 5 Fives

I don’t like the way the games industry keeps churning out endless sequels to tired, old games, but if I had to choose, these would be my favourite dead horses getting flogged for a fifth time…


Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Everyone has their own idea of when the PES series jumped the shark. Some reckon it was already on the skids before this generation started, but for me it was the switch to this generation that ballsed everything up. PES 5 was, the pinnacle of the series for me, although after a few years of decent FIFA games, it feels a bit weird going back to it now.


Guitar Hero V

Between them Neversoft and RedOctane seem to have gone to great efforts to spoil the Guitar Hero series by introducing pointless game features and gimmicky guitars but, through it all, the fundamental awesomeness of the core Guitar Hero gameplay shines through. All it really needs is some good tunes and you’re sorted and, unlike Guitar Hero: World Tour before it, Guitar Hero V has an abundance of those.


Dynasty Warriors 5

It might have been almost exactly the same as Dynasty Warriors 4, which was almost exactly the same as Dynasty Warriors 3, which was a bit different to Dynasty Warriors 2, but at least Dynasty Warriors 5 didn’t promise to be new and different and exciting then mess the whole thing up horribly like Dynasty Warriors 6.


Gran Turismo 5

This still isn’t out yet, so I can’t promise that I’m going to like it less than Dynasty Warriors 5 but a bit more than Tekken 5. In fact, I hope I like it more than Dynasty Warriors 5 and Guitar Hero 5. It’d be great if I liked it better than Pro Evo 5, but that’s a bit much to ask. I bloody loved Pro Evo 5, and I haven’t really been into Gran Turismo since the second one.


Tekken 5

I’m more of a Street Fighter man, myself, but Street Fighter, despite about 50 iterations still hasn’t reached the 5 mark. Tekken 5 is very good though. Arguably better than Tekken 6, and definitely better than Tekken 4. Some way short of the series peak, Tekken 2, though for my money.

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  • David

    Guitar Hero 5 has a better track list than World Tour? I 100% disagree with that, I can count all the songs worth playing on GH5 on 1 hand. Guitar Hero should just stop now, it’s absolutely no match for Rock Band.