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Time For Christmas!

Time For Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and most of the Play team have scarpered to their respective corners of the globe (Liverpool, Peterborough and Switzerland, for those keeping score). Me? I’m here. Working. On Christmas Eve. BECAUSE I’M HARDCORE. But also because my family lives abroad, I left it too late to get flights and my flat in London is empty, so I’m in Bournemouth for the Christmas holidays.

Which also means I get to be left alone to play games over Christmas. Yeeeeeeeeeeah!

But whatever. You don’t care about that. You care about games. So here are the three best gaming related Christmas cards followed by the absolute worst.


Wins points for effort, creativity, execution. Note the fairy-on-top-of-the-tree touch at the end of the video too. See? That’s why it has won points.


They didn’t send this to us but it’s been doing the rounds on the American sites. Maybe we upset Sega when we gave Crazy Taxi 80% or maybe they don’t celebrate Christmas at their European offices. We don’t actually know what the deal is. Still, what an awesome card! We’d have loved Sega so much more if they had ACTUALLY SENT THIS TO US.

Plants vs Zombies

It might not lend itself to the festivities as much as other games but PopCap has released five Christmas-themed Plants Vs Zombies wallpapers which can be found… here. Not that the Noby Noby Boy wallpaper on this particular computer is in any danger of being replaced but it’s still a nice alternative to the usual Christmas image developers send out. Good job PopCap!


Jesus wept. Is this really how we’re celebrating his birthday? Christmas bags crudely photoshopped into the arms of Ryu and Chris, a flash animation that only exists to show Mega Man running… it’s horrible. HORRIBLE. Sega showed how it should be done, even if they failed to send it to the relevant people. Capcom should takes notes for next year. Let us never see a travesty like this ever again please.

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