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Tiger Woods 11 Gets Motion Control

Tiger Woods 11 Gets Motion Control


In what we have to take as our first official PlayStation 3 motion control support announcement, EA has revealed that the next Tiger Woods title will include functionality for the wand technology. Due to arrive June 8, Tiger Woods 11 will include options that support Sony’s ‘Arc’ controller, although the unit itself is not expected to launch until at least a couple of months later.

Tiger Woods 11 will obviously include a host of other new features for everyone to enjoy such as variables winds, improved greens, improved online play and some adjustments that will cut out some of the accuracy and power shortcuts people were taking with the last game. The other big news is that Woods will be sharing the cover of this year’s game with Rory McIlroy joining him. This is supposed to be a nod to some new Ryder Cup features in Tiger Woods 11 rather than anything to do with Woods’ recent spate of negative press.

Via Kotaku

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