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THQ Drops MX vs ATV For Obvious Reasons

THQ Drops MX vs ATV For Obvious Reasons

So it turns out that, apparently, a really bad way of doing business isn’t a good way of doing business. Well, that’s an assumption based on recent occurrences, but I think it’s a fair one.

Not so long ago THQ released MX vs ATV Alive – something hailed by Danny Bilson as a brand new and totally great business model (not his words). Basically it meant releasing a cut-down version of the main game for a budget price, before offering players the chance to top-up their game with multiple DLC packs – tracks, vehicles, riders etc.

It wasn’t a bad idea. In fact, it was based on the ‘freemium’ concept. The problem being, though, that they didn’t listen to the ‘free’ part. They listened to the ‘we have to charge £30 for what is essentially a demo’ part. Shooting themselves in the foot isn’t always – or ever – the best of ideas.

MX vs ATV Alive was a mess. A half-decent game, true, but only half of said game. The disc you brought home with you from the shops (or had delivered, or whatever) didn’t even come with a tournament, or any kind of campaign mode on it.

Just to re-iterate: it did not have any kind of tournament, or career mode on it. And you would have paid (at least at RRP) £30 for the privilege of this non-game.

So what’s happened? Well, I’m assuming here, but I would guess that MX vs ATV Alive didn’t do too well, as THQ has just announced they’re dropping the franchise.

It’s not that surprising considering, but it is annoying. If people were able to see beyond the whole ‘we have to charge a reasonable initial amount’ thing and get over their £30 as a budget price mark (clue: it’s not) then maybe the game could have made something of itself. A £5-10 initial release for the game on PSN, backed up by the already-planned DLC, would have been a much more attractive proposal.

But no, we’ll just try and squeeze as much money out of people as we can straight away and when that fails blame the series and the developers and drop the lot.

I don’t even care about the MX vs ATV series, but this still pisses me off somewhat. It just comes across as if people don’t think about things before they do them. Freemium clearly works and the MX vs ATV series has clearly been popular enough to spawn many sequels. Those elements can’t be blamed. Other elements can. And I’m willing to put money – probably about an initial £30 outlay – on what those elements are.

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  • TBell

    Sigh. When is THQ going to drop Danny Bilson instead of dropping all of these titles or developers that have failed due to his strategies.

  • Pissedoff

    Its so stupid. all they had to do was make another sometime in the future and make it better. THEY HAVE NO COMPETITION! this is the STUPIDEST thing you can do. whoever came to this decision is a f*****g retard and should be shot in the head. and yeah i agree that it was a stupid idea what they did with alive but come on. reflex was freaking awesome. it still is. thats all they had to do was make another similar to that one. now whats gonna happen. there are no mx games left. they were the only ones making them other than motorstorm but still that doesnt compare to mx vs atv. plus what happens to xbox players. they have none. what thq shouldve done was try to get liscensing from ama and make a season like a real sports game. keep the physics and everything but make an actual carrer mode. ie a carreer with full schedule from that year. come on. what could be better. theres NO COMPETITION!!! maybe sometime in the future some retarded company will finally realize that. lets just hope that company isnt ea because theyve ruined a lot of sports games in the past

  • Julius Bahr Thomas

    Sooo bad for the people n kids that need this ! Someone pick it up!

  • Callum Meadows

    what the fucking fuck i do motocross its grate but when i get home from school thats all i got untill the weekend this is shit!!!!