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This Is NOT The New Cole MacGrath

This Is NOT The New Cole MacGrath

infamous 2 coleWhat you see above is not the new characters design for Cole MacGrath in inFamous 2. Over the weekend you may have seen a number of news sites talking about Cole MacGrath, the ‘hero’ of the inFamous games getting yet another character redesign. IGN was the first to report this having spoken to Sucker Punch at Comic-Con last week. Then followed speculation that the above artwork seen during a pre-Comic-Con promo video was in fact the new design. My understand is that this idea first sprang up on NeoGAF. However it seems quite obvious to me that this is NOT the new design for the character mentioned to IGN.

First consider the context of the video itself. Give it a watch yourselves if you have the time:

Now this video includes lots of shots and video of both the first and second game. There’s artwork from both games too and what I would suggest is that this David Beckham looking character is in fact an early design for Cole in the original inFamous, not inFamous 2.

Not convinced? Well how about some basic logic for you. Here’s what Mathias Lorenz, art director for inFamous 2 had to say about the new Cole’s clothing choices: “From the outside of course he’s taken his jacket off and that’s because New Marais is in the south as opposed to the northeast where Empire City was,” he revealed. “It’s hot, it’s humid. The other reason for that is that with our focus on parkour we want to be able to see his muscles move, show better arm motion to better represent him as a superhero in action.”

It’s hot in New Marais. You would have to be a monumental idiot to wear a leather biker jacket in such a climate. And what is this supposed new character wearing? Oh, my! What a surprise.

As it happens I have contacted Sony to get confirmation and it’s chasing it up. First I hear I’ll update this post with the official response.

But ultimately the reason why I’m a little annoyed by all this talk of a new character design is that I had no problem with inFamous 2’s Cole in the first place. The old Cole was a biker wannabe with a face like a slapped arse. Sucker Punch admitted to us as much when development director Chris Zimmerman said: “In inFamous you’ll have to trust me on this you really didn’t want to get that close to those characters, we really needed to keep the camera away from them.”

Sucker Punch should not be giving in to pressure from a vocal (albeit very vocal) minority who dislike this new character model. Most don’t understand the reasoning behind it, most have seen nothing of the game itself and a fair few didn’t even play the first game to begin with. I look forward to seeing what Sucker Punch comes up with by way of a compromise, but it should be standing by its vision of the game, which was excellent.

If inFamous 2 winds up being worse for all this shouting and screaming you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

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  • Diago

    The different character model, and now the “re-disign” is nothing more then a marketing compaign.
    They have a vision, and that vision is what the game is going to get lead by, not a few nagers about cole getting hair or not.

  • FDSF

    You Crazy Man

  • rawshark

    my problem doesn’t so much lie with the new Cole’s appearance, but his voice, his appearance, while he does look VERY different, it’s not TOO bad, old Cole was just a badass.

    new Cole sounds like a proper fruit. bloody terrible.

  • Dave Moore

    i’m one of the vocal people who dislikes the new boy band looking cole.if sucker punch have listened to fan feed back this can only be a good thing.

  • Nathan L.

    Minority? I don’t know about you, but other than some people in the forums, nobody i know likes the new Cole, so maybe all your friend like the new Cole or maybe we are on opposite sites of the line, but i really don’t think anyone actually likes the new Cole, his voice, his looks, that really isn’t Cole, i know two years have past, but still that’s not the lonely cole you see at the ending.

  • Sean

    When I first saw the new design for Cole I will admit I wasn’t so sure to have him change so drastically. But now after seeing some of the gameplay I can already see this is going be a vastly better game, his new look isn’t going to be on my mind when I’m playing it.

  • ShogunSam-R-I

    Damn Right, JonGordon!!! My thoughts exactly. Keep up the damn good work!!!

  • Gaddes

    Ironic that you were totally off about this, that WAS the final charcter design. I for one am glad it was revised; you get a better sense of connection between the two games when Cole looks remotely similar… we don’t need yet ANOTHER Nathan Drake-alike in an action game, thank you very much.

    Just stick to reporting on games rather than attempting to sleuth them.