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Think we have it bad? See Quantum Of Solace on the Wii


Play and Bond games have a slightly amusing history. Agent Under Fire on the PS2 earned a monstrous 94%, Nightfire 90% and Everything Or Nothing garnered 63%, despite the latter being hailed as one of the best Bond tie-ins since GoldenEye (a phrase used relentlessly over the past ten years). Now that we’re all a little older and wiser, though, we realise that all of the Bond games are shamelessly flawed, to some extent, and Treyarch’s Quantum Of Solace continues this trend valiantly.

The PS3 version isn’t exactly impressive, but it is, at least, solid enough to avoid any genuine embarrassment. The Wii version is another story; featuring what appears to be backgrounds made out of Lego, weird music and humiliating motion control, it makes me chuckle that Activision is willing to put out such a game with its name on it.

Quantum Of Solace is probably even worse on the PS2. Handled by Eurocom, developer of dodgy Buffy game Chaos Bleeds and Olympic tie-in Beijing 2008, the screenshots on the back of the box actually make Daniel Craig’s face look like a ball of putty.

I guess that’s what you get for not moving with the times. Activision didn’t send us a review copy of Quantum Of Solace on the PS2, by the way, but the casual gamer in me is looking forward to trying the PS3 version. Anyone out there brave enough to spend £40 on a copy?

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