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Things that offend me in games #3

#3 The Lynx effect

I hate the way many games use their supporting female cast to reassure me that I am desirable to women. Seriously, I may be pretty sad, but I’m not so sad that I need some tart with unrealistically large, unrealistically round boobies strapped into unrealistically impractical clothing telling me that my in-game avatar is a bit of a hunk to keep my self-esteem at some sort of manageable level.


What are you trying to imply, you brazen hussy!?

It’s even worse when the female character in question is one of those tough, fiercely independent types that starts off being all aloof and dismissive and ‘in your dreams, matey’, then about three cut-scenes later she’s laughing at all your jokes, needing your help and not minding when you call her ‘sweetheart’. It’s clichéd, pathetic, patronising and it offends me that someone thinks I might like it.

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