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There Is No East/West Divide – Platinum Games

There Is No East/West Divide – Platinum Games

There isn’t a divide between Eastern and Western developers, Atsushi Inaba has told Play.

The Platinum Games producer, currently at work on Anarchy Reigns, addressed the apparent difference between Eastern and Western developers that was given prominence after legendary Capcom producer Keiji Inafune stated “Japan is at least five years behind” and that Japan is making “awful games.”

“It’s not like Platinum Games is trying to present a role model to the Japanese gaming industry and my personal opinion is that it’s not very meaningful to segment the industry into Japanese and American,” Inaba explains.

“Wherever you go there are two kinds of game developers. One is good developers who have brilliant ideas and passion and the means and the resources to make their ideas into games. The other is bad studios who are not as good at what they do and those studios will be naturally selected to fail.”

“As you pointed out there’s been a lot of talk about the Japanese gaming industry and some of what’s been said might be true but all there really is are some publishers in Japan are not doing so great.”

The full interview can be found in Play Issue 202 along with a world exclusive preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Killzone 3 review and screenshot evidence of the real winner of the console war – on sale now!

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