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The Top 7 PlayStation 3 Games That Surprised Us

The Top 7 PlayStation 3 Games That Surprised Us

Enough of the grumpiness: let’s lighten up a grey Tuesday by naming a list of PlayStation 3 games that made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Some are here because we thought they were going to be shit, some because we didn’t think they’d be anywhere near as good as they actually are.

7. WWE All Stars

Ok, we didn’t actually think this was going to be shit. It’s just that after countless years of the SmackDown vs Raw series boring us into submission we were all ready for another phoned-in THQ wrestling game.

What we got was one of the most playable arcade wrestling experiences in years. Focusing on high-speed, high-impact caricature of the ‘sport’ – which is how it always should be represented, may we add – All Stars lives up to its name.

6.Transformers: War for Cybertron

Come on: no-one thought this was going to be good. A Transformers game? Pah, when was the last good one of those? (Transformers Armada – Ed)

Anyway, finally playing Cybertron was one of PS3’s biggest surprises. Developer High Moon Studios had actually thought about how the Transformers themselves fit into the universe and the gameplay mechanics, rather than shoehorning them into a bog-standard movie licence.

Which is exactly what happened with High Moon’s next Transformers game, Dark of the Moon.

5. Winning Eleven 2002

OK this is actually on PSOne, but we played it again recently on PS3 so there.

As regular readers know. we dug an old copy of this out of a cupboard during a move. Find out why we were so surprised here.

4. X-Men Origins Wolverine

Another game we thought would continue the movie license/shit axis, Wolverine is one of the most pleasantly surprising games on PS3. A solid fighting engine and  superbly over-the-top violence make this one of the better tie-ins of, well, forever.

3. Captain America: Super Soldier

See above, but remove ‘superbly over-the-top violence’ and add in ‘more shields’

2. FIFA 09

Ohh, controversial. Or not, because there was simply no way of knowing how good FIFA 09 would be before we got our hands on it. ’08 was a giant leap in the right direction, but was still mired with loose animation and hideous player models. ’09 fixed the animation, kept the models, but added in a layer of PES-beating realism that no-one could have truly anticipated. We still prefer it to FIFA 11.

1. Batman Arkham Asylum

Oh, it’s easy to say that this was always going to be awesome now, but before release there was still the chance that it might be a bit pump. After all, hadn’t most of the previous Batman games been a load of old nonsense? And who were these ‘Rocksteady’ guys developing it? What had they done before? The good but-not-great Urban Chaos: Riot Response, that’s what.

Still, we all know that it turned out swimmingly.

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