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The summer drought is a good thing

The summer drought is a good thing


It’s the weekend and it’s summer. This means we’re supposed to go outside and take in all that ‘sunshine’ stuff you read so much about in the grown-up news. But the simple fact of the matter is a lot of us won’t bother doing that – I know I’m unlikely to. No, I have plans to sit, fester and play videogames.

The choices of what to play though are limited on the new game front – it is the middle of the annual drought, obviously. But that just means there’s time to go back to other games that fell by the wayside at the beginning of this unusually hectic year. I can finally polish off the last chapter of Final Fantasy XIII; I can jump off more high things on Just Cause 2; or I can just carry on sitting in saloons gambling on Red Dead Redemption.

It’s times like these when we should appreciate the lull in new releases for what it is: time to catch up. Time to take stock of what we have available and really appreciate the quality games that have been released over the last year or so. Time to jump off even more high things on Just Cause 2. We should use our summers well – productively, even – by sitting inside, curtains drawn, making progress on the games we won’t have time to play later in the year.

Who am I kidding though? I’ll end up stuck to the PC, playing Football Manager all weekend.

So what are you going to play this weekend? Or are you just pretending to have a real life?

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  • Muhammad Zohaib

    My friend, i totally agree…. i need this break to play a few games that i havent been able to finish

  • rjv101

    All about FM, especially given the World Cup – trying to build a elect XI with all the stars – Villa, Schweinstiger, Ozil, Sneijder, Forlan, Xavi, Gyan – terrible defense in the team though. Had to buy Upson!

  • Dave Moore

    i have so much to start or finally complete i welcome the summer drought.

  • MCnooble

    the summer drought gives me time to catch up on the games i missed out on

  • David

    The only games I have that need catching up on are games I couldn’t really be bothered to play, namely MW2 and Resistance 2. Everybody says that they’re really good games but personally I can’t see it. Bring on Killzone 3 and LBP2 I say.

  • Sean

    The drought is a good thing, I just completed Final Fantasy XIII. Now onto the completion Resonance Of Fate.