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The Sacktue Of Liberty

The Sacktue Of Liberty

sacktue of liberty

Here’s a quick history lesson for you. Back in 1776, on the 4 July, the Colonies declared independence from these fair isles. They would later come to be known as the United States of America. One hundred years later the French would give them a present to mark the anniversary of their independence from Britain, a 150-foot high statue called Liberty Enlightening The World. This would later be changed to The Statue Of Liberty.

And now, 233 years after the Declaration of Independence, Media Molecule has given another monumental present to the people of America (and owners of LittleBigPlanet of all nationalities), The Sacktue Of Liberty costume for Sackboy!

It’s available to download today and, like the other Statue Of Liberty, it’s completely free and, as you can see from this screenshot, it’s also completely awesome.

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