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The quality of contemporary games

The Play crew recently received a batch of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand. We each got one and I dutifully took mine home and shoved it into my big black happy box expecting more than a few giggles, but little else. While those giggles were present and regular, what struck me about the game was that it was bloody good fun. How can this be? If massive, triple-A titles fail me in the way, say Assassin’s Creed did, how can the likes of 50 Cent tickle my fancy? While I’m well known in the office for my unique and misguided love of more obscure titles, this feeling seems to be occurring to my fellow writers across numerous magazines. UFC is doing the same thing. It should, by past experience with the developer Yuke’s and the genre, be something rather pedestrian. It’s not though. Wanted: Weapons Of Fate, a low-grade movie tie-in by Warner, actually looks great to play. Some people may well have expected this to end up being about as weak as next-generation games get. Afro Samurai, while being a little dull at points, has a genuine appeal for me if nothing else in the super-slick style. Every one of these games, all from different developers, varied publishers and in separate genres, I, personally, would pay for, judging from a 20-minute blast, and that doesn’t happen too often as a jaded games journalist. It got me thinking about expectations. Perhaps, at the start of the PS3’s life, we’ve been so used to disappointments, that when titles fulfil or exceed expectations, we’re that much happier with them. It could be that developers’ second wave of titles are now coming to fruition, and the lessons learned by the first round of titles are sinking in. I’d prefer that it were the latter, as it heralds a new age in next-generation gaming, that sweet spot in a console’s life span that means you’re never stuck for titles to buy when the mood takes you. Here’s hoping.

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  • “How can this be? If massive, triple A titles fail me in the way, say Assassin’s Creed did, how can the likes of 50 Cent tickle my fancy? ”
    Well said!

    All the games I’ve been expecting so badly all turn to trash! But a least game I rarely know about, I play it and manages to be better than the hyped games I was waiting for.

    50 Cent will have to wait in the list too, there are lots of games to get.