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The only 5 games that ever scared me

The only 5 games that ever scared me

Call Of Duty 2
People often think I’m joking when I name Call Of Duty 2 as one of the scariest games ever, but I’m not. Playing through it on Veteran, I can honestly say I was terrified on numerous occasions. Cowering behind a wooden crate with bullets whizzing overhead and grenades going off all around… why wouldn’t you just get up and press forward straight away? Fear, that’s why.

Condemned: Criminal Origins
It might have ended up a messy supernatural first-person action game, and the sequel might have been a bit so-so, but for its first two-thirds, the original Condemned was as tense, as atmospheric and as visceral as they come. The bit in the department store with the mannequins gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Dead Space
This game instils a kind of desperate fear in me that I don’t think I’ve experienced in any other game. There’s something about the way the combat system demands a precise, systematic approach and how those jars against the instinct to panic that just makes the whole thing more of a terrifying adrenaline rush. And the sound design is just genius, constantly keeping you in a state of uncertainty and discomfort.

Project Zero (Fatal Frame)
I didn’t think I liked survival horror games until I played this, but then I did, and it scared the crap out of me. That little sensor light on your camera is such a clever device. There’s a bit where you walk into a small, single-room building and the light glows faintly. You switch to first-person and look all around the room, but the light never gets any brighter. By this point, you’re both scared and confused, but then you think, “maybe I should look up,” and the second you do that something goes “AAAAAAAAAAAH!” and drops down on you from the darkness of the ceiling. I was playing it in a busy office and I yelped embarrassingly loud.

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly (Fatal Frame II)
I also played Project Zero II in an office and it didn’t take long before it caused me to embarrass myself again. I was watching one of the early cut-scenes and _ I can only assume by pure coincidence – at the moment where one twin feels her sister’s hand on her shoulder and is then startled to see her sister walk past her with the hand still there, someone touched me on the shoulder. I was wearing headphones and had no idea she was there. I nearly pooped, I tell you.

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  • What no original Aliens vs Predator?

  • Ben

    Silent Hill? A classic, and still scary as hell.

  • a gamer who knows

    What about F.E.A.R.
    I shit myself when I played it on my super PC.

  • Lawrence

    Fallout 3 for the very first 50 hours was nerve racking and scary to me .

  • Zlo

    What about Penumbra series, or Undying? Oh, wait, these are PC games.

  • ADD ME deadzone123 in PS3!

    hell yea man F.E.A.R or F.E.A.R 2 project origins should be there it got make scared F.E.A.R got me scared 2 timen project origins 2 times too i no dafs a scary game n im 19

  • yo yo

    Try Siren: Blood Curse. That game makes other survival horrors seem like a visit to happy land.

  • Ray

    What about the original resident evil on PS…scared the bejeezus out of me!!

  • Isaaaaaaac

    I guess I’ve seen waaaaay to many Sci fi horror movies to have been scared by Dead Space. The only moment that scared me was the final cutscene.

  • yummyjibblybits

    Resi Evil 4 was scary as hell for me…first time I played it was ina crowded shop in the middle of the day…(Demo)…and I screamed there and then!!Its just so tence and to this day is still one of my all time favorite games!!!

  • Filipe +

    What about Siren? Fatal Frame? FEAR? Silent Hill?

  • SRJ

    yeah those FPS’s like CoD can get scary as hell on veteran. Good list. Halo 1 on legendary gets tense when you get to the flood

  • Jon

    What about RESIDENT EVIL? Any of the first 3 will do…

  • George

    I thought Fallout 3 was scary as hell when i first played it… Just the things that come out the water did it for me, so I never played it – waste of money really.

  • adamos

    Have to disagree for Dead Space and Call of duty. As for the others havent play them so cant say
    Games like Dead Space, RE, FEAR, Doom 3 all rely on cheap jump scares
    The only true horror game i played since Alens vs Predators is Penumbra overture and especially Penumbra Black Plague. Unlike those games you dont get all the arsenal and armor of the world and you rely on using the enviroment and running to survive. They give you the feeling of been helpless which is what imo makes a good horror game

  • p

    Dead Space was amazingly scary. There were a few moments in the game that were awesomely frighting. Once a friend left the room cause he couldn’t take watch me play. Oh yea, watching the whole intro from the title screen is so sick (in a great way).

  • Sean

    I would say the silent hill games scared me the most, almost to the point when I didn’t want to play them anymore.

  • Wherestheremote

    One of the scariest games for me of all time was a terrible game…it’s called D for ps1. It was scary but it was actually a ok for it’s time. Another scary game was Friday the 13th for NES. That game was scary as a kid and actually now with how Jason pops out of nowhere. Only problem is that piece of shit game is unbeatable.

  • Adnan

    I agree the fatal frame games realy scared me nothing else did though

  • Dcoz

    ‘SILENT HILL THE ROOM’ was by far the most scariest games ever made! Although i must agree with Lawrence fallout was just plain creepy – “You have crippled his head” i mean, what does that even mean? creepy.

  • wallet kid

    Bioshock scared me quite a bit cuz i mostly played at night time.

  • Jorden

    I definitely say that the Penumbra series was the scariest, by far.

    Having limited weapon usage, and being so vulnerable when using light sources, made for a pretty terrifying game.

  • SurlyAardvark

    Call of Cthulhu:Dark Corners of the Earth turned me off of scary games for good. I got tired of the dread involved in that game; murdered visciously too many times for not being able to get through multiple locked doors as the hulking killers chased me.

    but, as a second, the half-flooded room in Bioshock with all the frozen female figures that move when you’re not looking… that one still freaks me out to think about.

  • trendy

    Resident Evil2, Silent Hill series, Showgirls

  • noah

    Dead Space was not scary. I was startled like twice, that’s it. The scariest thing about it is that it got good reviews, and now I’m scared for the journalistic integrity of game media sites.

  • lDEFYl

    wow, so it’s obvious that this guy has never played a Silent Hill game

  • Common Sense

    “OMG Where’s _________ game!!! FAIL!!!” Wow, bunch of idiots. Make your own list if this is missing something. Every time there’s a game listing, you retards always seem to surface.

  • Oh c’mon, stop ripping on the list ’cause it doesn’t contain a Silent Hill title. The Silent Hill games are very *creepy* – they’re very disturbing – but aside from that one part in 2 where Pyramid Head [SPOILERS] suddenly appears on the roof of the Hospital [/SPOILERS], they were never really *scary*.

    Now Project Zero/Fatal Frame II? That game scares the holy CRAP out of me.

  • john

    Silent Hill 1 and 2?

  • tjones

    doom 3? scariest game imo

  • Sean

    Do u actually have any worthwhile input into this article, or do u just look to nit-pick on peoples comments? lol.

  • Gman

    Are you guys all kidding me! How come none of you guys mentioned Doom 3! I dare any of you to boost up the difficulty, adjust the volume and play that game in the dark, how bout that for some laxatives.

  • plmko

    Siren: Blood Curse was a good one, probably the best we’ve had this generation (although this generation is a bit lacking in the genre).

    Unfortunately not enough people bought it and there ain’t any sequel.

  • ScaredCrow

    totally not gonna lie here….the first encounter with ScareCrow in Arkham Asylum had me on edge. Didn’t realize what was going on when all of the sudden the giant villain popped out from that level of his…

  • mantis

    what about doom 3?
    That was scary as “a bag full of fear-inducing plums” and a very good game to boot.

  • Wherestheremote

    I agree that scare crow was scary but not as scary as D on ps1. If you never played it don’t try to now won’t stand the test of time but that game was scary as shit plus you had a hr time limit to play.

  • fsda

    Resident Evil 4 and Criminal Origins are the only two games that scared me. Dead Space is way over hyped. The scares in that game are literally the same thing over and over and over.

  • I have played different scary games i have got fear1 and 2 on ps3
    but fatal frame was probably the scariest game I have ever been on
    because I think it has a different scare but a really good scary type

  • corey

    he obveisly didnt play amnesia