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The only 2 games that ever made me break stuff

The only 2 games that ever made me break stuff

The first time I broke something because of a game, I was 14 years old. My best friend had Street Fighter II Turbo and every day I would get home from school, get changed then go straight to his house. I wouldn’t even say ‘hello’, I’d just sit down and press START and we’d play on maximum Turbo setting until it was time for me to go home. Doing this every day messed with our still-developing brains a little…

On one occasion we had a disagreement about something – I forget exactly what – and it was like we couldn’t turn ourselves off Turbo mode. As a result, the dispute quickly escalated and for some reason I decided to pick up the SNES and run away with it. Unfortunately, because I was in Turbo mode, I didn’t disconnect from my friend’s family’s big, expensive, new TV first so once the aerial lead reach full stretch it pulled the TV off the sideboard, sending it crashing onto the floot.

The screen didn’t smash, but it did become dislodged from the casing pretty badly. We just stood there poking at the screen and watching it bounce in and out of the casing. It didn’t work any more.

My friend’s dad was really mad when he got home – I mean purple with rage. They never did get a replacement for that big TV. I still feel kinda guilty, although I shouldn’t because it was entirely Street Fighter Turbo’s fault, and not mine.

The second time was when I worked for a hints and tips magazine. I was writing a walkthrough for Conflict: Desert Storm and there was a mission where I had to approach a building without being detected. I didn’t fail the mission if I was detected, but for the sake of the walkthrough I had to figure out how to do it properly. Trouble is, the enemy AI was so inconsistent and so unrealistic that it was impossible to figure out exactly why I was or was not getting spotted. After about 30 attempts I’d had enough and I lost it. I turned to my left, held the PS2 pad up above my head at arm’s length then slammed it into the floor as hard as I could. It didn’t work any more.

Then I deserted my desk, stormed out of the office and had a quiet sit down in a nearby park for ten minutes.

That’s the thing about being a games journalist – people always assume that we spend all day every day playing games, but we don’t. The only writers that do are on the tips mags, and no one envies them. You have no idea how angry a game can make you until you have had to beat every single part of it, without the option to just quit and do something else instead.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still almost certainly much, much better than your job.

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    Batman: Arkham Asylum – Trying to kill that Bane-like creature (towards the end of the game, not the twins, the single guy, with LOTS of goons!) on hard difficulty. I could kill that beast easily but those goons were a pain in the arse! Bashed my controller against the wall and it came ot of its casing.

    Modern Warfare 2 – Getting a killstreakless nuke but dying 3 kills short. Chucked the controller out of the window and finding it wrecked with wires all over the place the next day.

    God of War III – Cerebus on Titan difficulty. I think that speaks for itself for anyone that has playing God of War III! I died for the 50th time so I got the disc and Frisbee’d it out of the window, luckily a couple of hours later when I went to retrieve it, it was in one piece and was playable.

    Resident Evil 4 – I got this a month before RE5 came out and I played the game up until Krauser, died 10 times, looked it up on the internet, found out how to kill him then died another 25 times. And I thought, I need to chill out and try again tomorrow. So I played the next day and kept dying, my total deaths (whole game, not just this boss) was now 200!! So I got my PS2 and smashed it against the floor just like what you did with your controller. And my PS2 is no more! 🙁

  • Garan

    I’ve never broken anything because of fustrating games.Thats mainly due to (1)I’m really calm about everything and (2)I’m awesome and there is not a game that can defy me.

  • Zeno

    Fighting Vamp in MGS4 was pretty frustrating I guess.