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The one game that PlayStation Move needs, but doesn’t yet have

We’re not particularly excited about the imminent launch of Microsoft’s Kinect. Yes, we know, big surprise. The PlayStation blog doesn’t care about Microsoft’s next big thing; it’s not exactly news of the day. But we all own a 360 here, we all love them, and we’re always excited about new technology no matter where it’s coming from. We’re gamers, not fanboys.

But Kinect just doesn’t have the software to really get us excited. As a caveat, we should mention that neither does PlayStation Move – none of the titles are something we’d yet consider a must buy – but Kinect’s launch line-up appears even more disheartening, containing almost nothing that gets even a flicker of excitement from our tired, withered hearts. Not even a cutsey little tiger.

Move into next year, however, and there is one game that very much changes everything – a game that actually gets our hearts pumping pretty fast. The kind of game that could actually sell Kinect to a core audience. It’s the kind of game that PlayStation Move needs too, but doesn’t yet support. That game is Child Of Eden.

Now, we’re huge fans of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s 2001 synesthesia shooter Rez. It’s layered music, wireframe visuals, and simple yet entirely absorbing mechanics making it a one-of-a-kind title that stands alone in the industry. When Mizuguchi-san took to the stage at Ubisoft’s press conference at this year’s E3, our first thoughts were ‘oh my word, we’re finally getting a sequel to Rez’. This was followed shortly by a less happy and more embittered thought – ‘this is not how I want to play a spiritual successor to Rez’.

Watching Mizuguchi wave his hands around like some mad conductor coordinating a deep-sea orchestra of fluorescent creatures just didn’t sit right. It looked absurd and superfluous. Did we really need to engage with Child Of Eden in such a physical way? Was Rez not about being hypnotised by the visuals? Falling into a trance-like state and allowing the light and sound to wash over you? Surely waving your hands around like Tom Cruise in Minority Report would only serve to fracture your connection to a game that’s all about being sucked into the moment? We were happy enough just to play it on a Sixaxis.

As time has gone on, however, our minds have slowly been changed. Kinect doesn’t only make sense for Child Of Eden; it almost seems to have been made with it in mind (although this couldn’t be further from the truth – Q Games only chose to implement Kinect long after development on the game had gone underway). We thought Kinect would highlight the gulf between the real world and the synthetic, but what Kinect actually does it minimise it. It makes you a greater part of the resplendent neon visuals than ever before; the lack of a controller drawing you into the experience as you author the sound of the game with arcs and stabs of your limbs. We’d even go as far as to suggest that playing Child Of Eden with Kinect somehow makes the game more…beautiful.

We can’t think of one game on PlayStation Move that we could currently say the same thing about. Worse, we can’t imagine Child Of Eden having the same freeform impact on Move as with Kinect, as the lack of buttons or a controller seems to be integral to the organic feeling that playing Eden with Kinect conveys so effortlessly. Not that we don’t want to see Child Of Eden on PlayStation Move, of course. Q Games haven’t yet ruled out Move support – and Mizuguchi-san, if you’re reading this (not very likely) please, please make it Move compatible –but we just can’t imagine the game will have quite the same flow when conducted by a player with a controller, rather than just their hands.

PlayStation Move desperately needs a game like this. Something artistic, something different, something special. It needs something that’s really going to get the hardcore to sit up and notice. It needs not just Child Of Eden support, but a fresh title that plays to the very strengths of the Move hardware while simultaneously providing something new. Because Child Of Eden isn’t just the best-looking game on Kinect, it’s one of the best-looking games of 2010 full stop. PlayStation Move needs a few of these to call its own, too.

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  • Tom Ato

    Considering the Playstation MOVE is compatible with AAA games like Heavy Rain and Killzone 3. I don’t think it needs to worry. K3 is a million times better than anything the 360 will get this year or ever.

  • z

    I’m pretty sure that this game IS also coming to the PS3………….. so umm yea, you’ll get what you’re asking for… 😉

  • Jack

    I’m waiting for Sorcery. The talk of “Move has no decent games” should HOPEFULLY die down after that.

  • Chris McMahon

    @z it certainly is! It’s not coming to PlayStation Move though…yet. That’s whatt he article is about.