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The healing power of Modern Warfare 2

The healing power of Modern Warfare 2


Champion World Extreme Cagefighting champion Jamie Varner says playing Modern Warfare 2 “non-stop” helped him to recover from a hand injury. Varner’s doctor told him specifically to keep playing videogames while his broken right index metacarpal (his finger, to you and me) recovered, because this would keep its strength up.
Varner injured his hand in a fight with rival Donald Cerrone (although he still won) back in January 25 last year, then had to have surgery again in April after being “a little too active” with his hand, causing it to heal at a bad angle. The condition of his hand has improved massively since Modern Warfare 2 came out in November though, and Varner reckons he’s in great shape to take on Ben Henderson, the WEC Interim Champion, this Sunday. Interim Champion is a title that comes into play when the actual champion is injured and basically means ‘the guy that gets to challenge the Champion for his title as soon as he returns’.

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  • Ali

    Wow OK Modern Warfare 2 has healing powers, but when black ops comes out it will resurrect.
    now that will be epic