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The Future Of Videogames, Starring Dust 514

The Future Of Videogames, Starring Dust 514

Dust 514 might still be under some radars out there – it’s still a spin-off to a niche MMO. Yes, however many tens (hundreds?) of thousands might play EVE Online, but it is still very much in niche PC territory. So why would anyone care about the console-based FPS spin-off of the notoriously hardcore MMO?

I don’t know. The more I read about it, though, the more I think people should care about Dust 514.

Speaking to Develop, Hilmar Pétursson – CEO of CCP Games – said a fair few things. Click through to the interview for even more interesting stuff. But he also said this, about Dust 514’s transition between console generations:

“We will continue to develop on PlayStation 3 even after the release of Dust, and I think the game’s audience is more used to constant updates than people may assume. I mean, if you look at Call of Duty, that essentially is an online experience that has undergone mass migration across three games.

“If there is a PlayStation 4 – which I can tell you now I have no idea if there is – but if there was, we would build Dust for that console as well. It will most likely be a revision of the experience, as with all updates, and could allow people to play across PS3 and 4.”

Now that’s the sort of thinking that we just don’t see on console. On PC, yes – and it’s obvious why it’s coming from CCP, with the company being primarily a home computer developer. But this is fresh in our world of pads and walled gardens. This is new. This is interesting and, dare I say it, exciting.

It’s even going to involve Vita in some way. CCP itself isn’t sure how right now, but, judging by what we’ve seen and played of the handheld so far, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see a port of the full game make its way over. That would be quite good, putting it mildly.

Even though Dust 514 is manshooting and even though it’s a futuristic FPS soldier-‘em-up, it’s still managing to be one of the most interesting things I can see on any console’s horizon. As a result, I genuinely hope it doesn’t fail – it could lead to even more interesting things.

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  • Fred

    Heck yeah I can’t wait for this game, looking forward to it more then any other game!

  • Otis

    The thing that kept MAG alive so long, even with it’s lag issues and load time issues, is the community and team play. Just like the original SOCOM or Starwars Battlefield. I see a big boost for EVE online. It may not last, but I have my fingers crossed.

    I’d pay a monthly subscription for continuing game support, if it hit the right price point.

  • Dan

    Hopefully this game will be the beginning of the end for the horrid COD generation. MAG has been an absolute revelation in terms of console FPS. It didn’t get the credit it deserved as it is not your instant gratification, instant reward game like COD. You had to ward HARD to get anywhere, and win. MAG has been running for over two years now, and I haven’t seen, or played a game that is anywhere near as good in terms of group/clan/community play(console wise) . Battlefield 3 was the biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent. I mean it doesn’t even work. COD has team deathmatch etc, but it’s still just a free for all with people that you don’t kill. There’s nothing to it. No other FPSs seems to have the player base to even bother with.

    Hopefully Dust kicks off, and offers the community the same kind of experience as MAG does/used to. (player base is so low these days, and lag is so bad it’s almost unplayable now, but I still go back day after day because I love playing with my clan!)

    Plus with the announcement of Keyboard and mouse support…. well I’m going to be a very happy boy when this comes out.

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