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The Friday Video Vault

It’s essentially just all the old trailers stitched together with a few new bits thrown in, and it’s all CG stuff, but damn – we can’t wait for this game:

Portal gets completed in under 10 minutes. They’re sing hacks and glitches, but that’s irrelevant. It still takes a lot of skill and memory to do somethng like this:

NaturalMotion, the studio behind Backbreaker and the Euphoria engine (the one that powered the physics in GTA IV) have created a game of Jenga on the iPhone. If you want to talk about the future of physics in games, these are the guys to go to:

We’re not even sure we should be posting this. It’s very disturbing, and extremely NSFW. We’ll never see EyePet the same way again.

Absolutely brilliant. Just watch it:

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  • Sean

    Haha! LMAO at the eyepet vid.