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The FFVII remake isn’t happening (probably) – get over it (maybe)


There has been much talk of a Final Fantasy VII remake as far back as the PS2 – people do love the adventures of Cloud and co., even if number IX scored higher on Metacritic and other games in the series (*coughXII/XIIIcough*) have done the whole ‘game’ thing better. Still, people want what they think they want, and so they ask constantly for a new-old VII.

But why don’t people listen? Listen to what you’re being told and abandon all hope – concentrate on something else, play a newer game, play an older game, play a better game or a worse game – just get on with your lives. A remake of FFVII just isn’t going to happen*.

On February 19 this year we were told by Yoshinori Kitase that he, Square-Enix and whoever else would be involved, would only consider a FFVII remake if it would take them a year to create. He also said in the same interview it would take “three or four times longer” to make than it did FFXIII, meaning it would be about a 12 year development cycle. Not a year.

Then, today, it’s popped up that Kitase’s original claim wasn’t even accurate – at least not according to him – as he’s gone and said it would actually take ten times as long to re-do FFVII. So we’re talking 30-40 years to make a tarted-up version of a 13-year-old game.

Now, we’re not saying we believe what Kitase is saying – it’s either a lie, an exaggeration or something lost in translation. But that doesn’t change the fact that he clearly doesn’t want to do a remake – we know that kind of excuse: “Ian, can you make me a cup of tea?” “I could, but it would take ONE HUNDRED MILLION YEARS.” It’s the oldest trick in the book.

*Or is it? OR IS IT? etc.

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  • Aron Baker

    Good on them for not chasing the £££

  • rymanb

    I can see their point, but we could do without a HD remake of FFVII – even remaking to a PSP graphics level would be enough for fans, no-one is asking for a graphical masterpiece (although many would love that), just an update of the graphics like SE did with FFIII and FFIV.