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The Elder Scrolls V will happen… some day

The Elder Scrolls V will happen… some day


After Bethesda Softworks’ top producer/director Todd Howard’s comments at QuakeCon last week were taken by some to mean that there were no plans to release a fifth Elder Scrolls game ever, Bethesda’s Pete Hines – vice president, PR and marketing – has decided to clear matters up via Bethesda’s official blog.

Hines points out that all Howard said was that there wouldn’t be another Elder Scrolls game in the ‘near future’, implying that the next Bethesda Softworks’ project would be… something else.

He goes on to state that the last two Elder Scrolls titles, Morrowind and Oblivion, were enormously successful and for that reason Bethesda would, of course, be going back to the series at some point, just not yet. Sounds reasonable to us – there are plenty of quests we’ve still yet to complete in Oblivion. It’s only been a few years, we haven’t had time to do everything yet.

Finally, Hines was keen to clarify that when Howard said there was a chance that there would be an Elder Scrolls MMO, it had been in “a joking fashion”. Bethesda Softworks does not make MMOs. However, another division of parent company Zenimax Media, Zenimax Online Studios, does and is working on one right now. Hines refused to hint or speculate as to exactly what that MMO might be, which we suppose leaves it up to us. Maybe it’s an Elder Scrolls MMO, or a Fallout MMO, or… something else.

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