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The Drought Is Over. Darn.

The Drought Is Over. Darn.

The end of this weeks sees the official end of the gaming drought. Yes, we’ve had Deus Ex: Human Revolution and… well, whatever else came out over the last month or two. But it’s not until this week that the gates open, the trickle becomes a flow and – soon enough – the flow becomes a gosh-darned flood. (Oh, and there was that Gears thing too, but we’re PlayStation so shove it up your Locust hole)

You see, this week sees the release of Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus Classics HD. A re-release, but a big opening shot for the couple of months of insanity to follow. We get Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Saints Row: The Third, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 9, Rage (still don’t believe that one) and some others I’ve likely forgotten. Basically, it’s a lot of games.

So will you play them all? Doubtful. Some will, but it’ll only be a small per cent – those with money to buy them and time to play them. Most of us can only pick and choose a few to play through. Personally we’re lucky, as it’s our job to play games. Even so, we won’t be able to play everything that comes out this winter.

And that’s just one year. This happens every year, and every year we get a backlog of unplayed greats that are overlooked. There isn’t enough time to play everything, sure, but we could have a much better use of our time if there wasn’t this ruddy drought through the summer. It’s not like it was even a good summer this year anyway – so no real reason to go “outside”, as they call it.

Wait, where did this idiotic rant come from? Hmm.

In summation: GAMES.

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  • FrankieADZ

    the drought is followed by the flood….
    and this flood will make me poor….er 😉 lol