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The contents of a game journalist’s desk

Here’s my desk in full. It’s actually rather tidy, compared to the other team member’s desks (yes Jon, Ryan and Ian, i’m talking to you). Personally, I need a bit of organisation in my life. A bit of feng shui. You can see my phone here, on which I pester PRs for review code; the beautiful view I have of a brick wall; and if you look closely in the background you can see what I believe to be the head of X360’s Dave Shaw. He is something of a legend.

This is a mutilated finger. Where did it come from? What is its purpose? Why do I have something so gross on my desk? I have the answers to none of these questions.

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper PlayStation magazine desk if there wasn’t a Sackboy hiding away somwhere, would it now?

Here we have a Subject Delta figurine and a Vault-Boy bobblehead. During the cold winter months I bought an Innocent smoothie, and for whatever reason it came with a miniature beanie. It was a perfect fit for my bobblehead, so he now wears it with pride. Still looking for one that will fit Subject Delta. He’s looking colder by the day.

This is a Bullestorm nutcracker, graciously given to Play by Electronic Arts. Unfortunately I don’t have any nuts, so I don’t have much use for it. Wait a minute…that last sentence came out wrong…

This is a statue of Kratos riding a horse with Link. Kratos seems to be having a great time, Link not so much. Perhaps it’s because Kratos’ arse is being pushed right into his face. What with Kratos wearing just a loincloth, that cannot be a particularly enjoyable experience.

At Imagine Publishing we all have personalised tea cups. This is mine. The joke refers to a certain incident that occurred when I had only just become a games journalist, and I was reviewing Guitar Hero: World Tour. Basically, if you search ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Coolio’ on YouTube the reason for this joke and its referencing of my drumming skills will become clear. It’s rather embarrassing.

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