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The Best PlayStation Wedding Cakes

The Best PlayStation Wedding Cakes

It’s the happiest day of your life. Your friends and family are present to witness the moment you get married to the one you love… your PlayStation3! Kind of.

Legal marriage between man and machine ┬áprobably (hopefully) won’t happen in the lifetime of Sony’s console but that doesn’t mean couples haven’t been celebrating their wedding with gaming cake. Here are some of the best we’ve seen.

5. The Old School

Remember the original PlayStation, with its blocky grey corners and oh-so-out-of-date flip-lid? This couple will for life, thanks to their unique wedding cake.

There’s probably a cute story behind this too. Maybe they met playing Tekken 2, when Wife To Be moaned about how cheap Paul is? Or maybe Wife To Be met Husband To Be at work, after he overheard her talking about how scary the dogs-out-the-windows bit is.

4. The Pac-Man

Alright, so technically it’s not quite as PlayStation as a cake modeled after Uncharted or Killzone (can you imagine?!) would be.

Even so, it’s still an unusual choice of cake – we can’t picture this Pac-Man themed special rocking the marriage between Kate and Wills. He’s clearly a Dynasty Warriors man.

In any case, it’s pretty cool, it’s gaming related, it’s a wedding cake and it raises enough questions that whoever got married would have to have had serious balls to settle on this choice. And that goes for the bride too.

3. The Factually Incorrect

This is… strange. There’s the obvious problem of there being a PlayStation3 in view but Gears of War on the screen.

So someone hasn’t done their research. We imagine someone pointed this out, WEDDING RUINED was screamed and tables were flipped. Maybe a few punches were thrown.

Yet that isn’t the issue. No, the concern here is that the bridge is dragging the groom away from the PlayStation3. A sign of things to come? Why put this on the cake? It just… doesn’t make sense.

2. The Fence Sitter

It’s got Xbox, PlayStation2 and even the GameCube, so this is a couple that clearly doesn’t take sides in the console war. Good on them, we say. Games are games are games, no matter what console they’re on.

Even so, that groom. He doesn’t look too happy, does he? The bridge is thrilled but the grumpy groom doesn’t know which way to look.

Maybe he knows he’s seen the last days where he’ll have the TV to himself. Maybe he knows he won’t ever have the console to himself again. Or maybe he just really doesn’t like GameCube? Who knows.

1. The Cake Is (Not) A Lie

This is a triumph. I’m making a note here – ‘huge success’. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction (with this wedding cake).

Clumsy references to Staying Alive aside, this Portal cake is brilliant. It’s classy, it’s themed after the game and it’s a reference to Portal just by, well, being a cake. Fortunately, no GLaDOS or incinerators about at this wedding. Well, at least not that we know of…

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