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The Best Batman Game Ever?

The Best Batman Game Ever?

Look, I know. There’s no possible way to justify this being best Batman game ever, because you look at the video below and think wait, no, that sucks. It looks awful.

And come on, look at it. Look at it.

You just walk from left to right punching people in the face. I’ve accidentally made that sound better than it actually is but it’s the sort of thing that makes you look back and wonder, did I really play that? Is that really what games were like?

But the fact is, it was the best Batman game ever. Obviously, it’s easy to think that because when you’re a 7-year-old moron as I was, you think EVERYTHING is the BEST THING EVER. I probably didn’t even know what Batman was back then. Hell, I hardly knew what anything was outside of Ribena and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If I played Bubsy the Bobcat, that would have been the BEST bobcat game EVER. It still is. On a technicality.

Playing It Now As A Grumpy 28-Year-Old

So I downloaded the emulator and decided to play it. Revisit those memories. See if it’s as good as I remember.

To ruin the suspense I’ve completely failed to build up thus far – of course it’s not. It’s still got a nice gothic look to it and the music is still memorable but… you just walk from left to right punching people in the face.

It’s hard. Really, really, really hard. It’s not even the combat that’s particularly challenging but the platforming. There are spiked platforms, instant death drops when you push the screen too high and traps. Obvious traps but traps nonetheless. You combine them with flying axes, bullets and enemies running at you and it becomes too much.

If you save your batarangs, then the bosses become incredibly easy but conversely, it seemed to be impossible to get through the levels without spamming them to carve a safe path through. You can look at the videos and go “oh but look at him, he’s doing it!” but… he’s a… bloody… machine. Or something. I am merely mortal.

And look! I’ve never even seen these levels before. Which means that when I was a 7-year-old moron, the furthest I could get before dying was about 10 minutes in, maybe stretching to half-an-hour at most with all the dying, tantrums and first attempts at swearing.

So why was it the best Batman game ever? Nostalgia, obviously. It was the first one I played, so it’s the one that sticks in my mind most. And you didn’t need an online pass (ooooh, sickburn! Etc)

But enough of my ramblings. What was your favourite Batman game?

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  • Bashmore

    Batman Forever, ace game on the mega drive. Had a brilliant two player and the gadgets Batman had (such as the bat cape which melded around you to act as a shield) were great.

    Still, could never get past the third level though. Too damn hard.

  • Joey

    Batman on the Gameboy. It also was ridiculously hard, you had a gun (at least looked like one) and everyone was way bigger than you. I never got past the second Batwing level as if you lost your lives you have to go back to the very start but the music is still playing in my head right now at least a decade since I last played it. Even the song it played when you died and the Joker’s polygon filled black and white face laughing at you, really was a great game. Think it was about 1990 when it came out (probably wrong) anyone else remember it?

  • Joey

    Come to think of it Play, what ever happened to Sunsoft?