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The Beatles: Rock Band: Singstar: Real?


It was briefly rumoured last month by trade magazine MCV that a Beatles-based version of Singstar would be making its way to PS3 around the same time that the latest addition to the Rock Band catalogue hit. We were sceptical, to be honest, and the claim was soon crushed under Sony’s mighty crushinating hammer of truth. But wait – that should probably be “truth” now, as it’s being claimed that the Beatles: Rock Band: Singstar is indeed on its way.

What it contains is a copy of the Beatles: Rock Band and two microphones – no instruments. This means those not interested in clicking their plastic to the rhythm of Liverpool’s favourite sons can just stand (or sit) around singing instead. Either that or those already with instruments who want a couple more mics for harmonies can pick this version up, thus killing all birds with many stones.

It’s not been 100 per cent confirmed yet – as in we haven’t seen it reported anywhere else other than Kotaku – but it would seem like a decent enough idea, and yet another way for the suits to wangle even more money out of us. Ugh.

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