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TGS – What We Want To See

TGS – What We Want To See

Ah TGS, how we love you. You may be in the shadow of the bigger and brasher E3, but you’ve consistently delivered new game reveals, megaton announcements and copious amounts of jet lag as we fly halfway around the world to cover it.

With this year’s event almost upon us, here’s what we want to see from the show:

Resident Evil 6

It’s heavily rumoured that Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise is to see the latest in the numbered series announced at TGS. This better be true, as although we loved 5 we can’t wait to see what Capcom has done to the series to win back fans turned off by the previous installment. That is, of course, unless it happens to be farmed out to a western developer, in which case we’ll be rather upset, to put it mildly.

Monster Hunter Vita

If there’s one thing Japan likes, it’s Monster Hunter. If there’s two things Japan likes, add massive monsters to that list. If there’s three things: PSP, come on down! So we’re joining the dots now and hoping that Capcom will do the decent thing, announce MH for Vita, show it off, and then sit back and laugh as all the money rolls in. Sweet.

More Dead Rising 2 expansions/spin-offs

Because hey, we haven’t had enough, right? Only joking, these have been actually quite good. Keep ’em coming Capcom.

Nintendo to announce that the 3DS was a mental idea from front to back

This one probably speaks for itself.

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Yeah, we know that Konami already strangled this dream in its sleep by revealing its lineup without Rising. But there’s always hope, right? If Gabe Newell can come out on stage at E3 and eat some humble pie then why not a surprise announcement from Konami? Because those two things aren’t remotely connected. Oh well.

Another PS3 price drop

Why not? Literally billions of reasons. But while we’re speculating, what if Sony decided to go all Psy-Ops on MS and reduce the price again? Say, down to 50 quid for one day only. Somdtimes we surprise even ourselves you know. Because no-one can be that stupid.

A new dashboard for the PS3

As much as we like the XMB, let’s face it: it’s about as appealing as an ATM to use, except that it doesn’t spit out money for your troubles. Why not jazz it up a bit? Inject some colour? We’d love to see it, but we can’t help but think it won’t happen for the simple fact that the PS3 is Serious Business.

So there you have it: what we want to see. Most of them probably won’t happen, but we can but dream.

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