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Tax Breaks For UK Developers Announced

Tax Breaks For UK Developers Announced


As part of the Chancellor’s budget report for 2010, Alistair Darling has announced the introduction of tax breaks for developers based in the UK. This announcement follows several years of lobbying by UK game makers and their supporters that games development should be afforded the same support from the government as the film industry. The fact that the games industry in the UK has become the nation’s most profitable media export has probably gone some way to support the measure.

“Creative industries, including the video games industry, make a valuable economic and cultural contribution to the UK,” the report said. “The Government announces that, following consultation on design, it will introduce a tax relief for the UK’s video games industry, subject to state aid approval from the European Commission.”

“This is an inspired decision,” TIGA CEO Richard Wilson has said. TIGA is a representative group for the development community and has been in a number of meetings and negotiations with the government for a tax break in the UK, something that has proven successful in places like Canada already. “In backing tax relief the Government has chosen the future over the past, growth over decline, success over failure,” Wilson continued.

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  • Dave Moore

    this is fantastic news.shouldve happened ages ago.