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Take Two settles ‘Hot Coffee’ suit

Take Two settles ‘Hot Coffee’ suit


The class action suit against Take Two from its own shareholders relating to the infamous ‘Hot Coffee’ content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been settled by Rockstar’s parent company for over $20 million. The suit, which dates back to 2006 and is not related to the consumer class action suit of 2005, alleged that Take Two knowingly included sexual content in the game and then lied about it to shareholders.

The suit was originally filed by Take Two shareholder John Fenninger who made the case that the fallout from the ‘Hot Coffee’ affair had cost investors while executives pocketed money for themselves. “While the public investors lost over one billion dollars in market capitalisation, the Individual Defendants pocketed over $18 million in insider trading proceeds,” he stated in his suit. The case went on to suggest that the reason for the lies was that Take Two was losing money and couldn’t afford to delay the game by cutting the content. Take Two claimed at the time of the sexual content being exposed that it was “the work of a determined group of hackers who have gone to significant trouble to alter scenes.”

How this settlement may affect the consumer suit is unclear, but it may be a very different proposition, especially since the Federal Trade Commission took action at the time.

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