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Syndicate, The Australian Ban And Why EA Is Right To Do Nothing

Syndicate, The Australian Ban And Why EA Is Right To Do Nothing

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Syndicate has been effectively banned in Australia, and EA intends to do nothing about it – no appeal, no cuts, no game for you in Oz. You know what? I think this is a good choice on the part of the publisher – hear me out, our percentage of readers who are based in the Land Down Under.

It’s not good for Australians, that’s obvious. I don’t wish it upon you that you should be without any games, regardless of whether they’re good, bad, violent, indifferent, star Nolan North or whatever else. But the fact a publisher has just flat-out refused to make changes to adhere to a fundamentally flawed ratings system makes me happy, albeit on a very personal level.

But why is refusing to make changes to Syndicate a good decision by EA? The Australian Classification Board is unlikely to lose much sleep about EA’s choice, but it could be the beginning of something – anything that could end up making a positive change for the Australian market and Australian gamers as a whole.

Picture it: EA, one of the biggest publishers in the world, says it will give no quarter. No changes will be made, Syndicate will not be released in Oz. It’s not giving in to the ACB, it’s just not bothering to play the game.

Then, with the benefit of speculation and blind predictive skills, imagine this scenario: other publishers follow suit. More and more games are simply not released in Australia because publishers cannot be bothered with the Australian Classification Board’s foolish judgement. Eventually, a fair few games – more than today – are simply not released.

This isn’t the good part I’m imagining, by the way. That comes now in this preconstruction: when gamers get pissed off because they’re forced to ignore or import games they can’t get through standard means. When those running businesses in Australia that rely on income from gaming sales get pissed off because their sources of income are being prevented from arriving in the country. When people start complaining – even more than they are doing now – about this borderline insanity by the ACB.

Then maybe – just maybe – an 18-rating might finally be introduced, so gamers in Australia can finally start being treated like adults, and not punished like naughty children. In this potential future you, our Aussie friends, will have to go through some hardships – but in the end it would all be worth it.

Ah well, a man can dream. A man can dream.

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  • Conor

    I cannot condone the support no matter how small you show to EA coz they are basterds…that is all. 🙂

  • Zac

    Im australian and i am so sick of the acb banning games. They promised they would put an 18+ rating by the end of 2011 and havent do it. And ea should release an edited version of syndicate