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Super Street Fighter IV: Online ‘winner stays on’ modes


Capcom has released details of the new online modes in Super Street Fighter IV and as we were both hoping for and expecting, they both make use of the timeless ‘winner stays on’ system.

Endless mode is nothing more and nothing less than ‘winner stays on’, with players simply queuing up for their chance to take on the reigning winner. The potentially long waits might put off some challengers, but we would hope that those queuing would at least be able to spectate on the match taking place in order to get an idea of what they’re going to be up against. Plus we’d imagine the experience rewards for beating a winner who’s been on for several matches in a row would be substantial.

The other variation on ‘winner stays on’ is Team Battles mode where teams of up to four challengers will compete against each other, again by queuing up. The first players from each team go head-to-head then the loser is replaced by the next player in his team and so on ‘til all the players from one team are defeated. Both these modes sound like great ways to play Super Street Fighter IV with friends.

Capcom has also released these two videos showing Super Street Fighter IV’s new characters going toe-to-toe. Really, we feel spoiled…

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