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Super Street Fighter IV announced

Super Street Fighter IV announced


Capcom has finally lifted the lid on its secret Street Fighter project by announcing Super Street Fighter IV, a sequel to this year’s mega-hit. This Super upgrade of the game will feature new characters, new online features and rebalanced characters. Capcom is looking at releasing Super Street Fighter IV for spring 2010.

So far we only have three confirmed characters joining the roster from SFIV out of a total of eight Capcom is promising. T Hawk and Dee Jay return to the gang with the addition of new female, Korean combatant Juri (who may be a relative of Juni and Juli from Street Fighter Alpha 3, but they weren’t Korean as far as we know). The other five additions will be revealed in the coming months.


Super Street Fighter IV will be a standalone release and not DLC as some may have suspected. According to Capcom, the SFIV code doesn’t allow for the kind of changes it is trying to make, but the new game will be released at a reduced price on the shelves and there’s a promise of special content for Street Fighter IV if you buy the expansion as well.

Capcom doesn’t seem to be revealing anything else at the moment, but we’re sure to hear a lot more between now and next spring. Keep tuned for all the new info as it comes through.

Via Capcom-Unity and Gamespot


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