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Sucker Punch: ‘Why Do You Hate Zeke So Much?’

Sucker Punch: ‘Why Do You Hate Zeke So Much?’

inf-cut-scene-art-zekeSpeaking to Play during our exclusive visit to the its Seattle base, Sucker Punch development director Chris Zimmerman expressed his confusion and dismay at the reaction some players of inFamous had to Zeke. The brash New Yorker was Cole MacGrath’s sometime sidekick during the first game and will be returning for the sequel despite the growing animosity between the two characters by the end of the game.

“There was a part of the inFamous player base that hates Zeke,” Zimmerman told us. “They can’t stand him and that took us by surprise because we loved him. We thought he was great, but for 10 per cent of the people who play the game they had this allergic reaction to Zeke, completely non-proportional.”

Zimmerman hopes that the Zeke haters can put it all behind them and just enjoy inFamous 2 without stressing about him. “It’s a videogame character, don’t worry about him, just play the game, but they can’t deal with him,” he summarised.

Want to know more? Read Play’s Exclusive preview of inFamous 2 featuring interviews with Chris Zimmerman, Nate Fox and Brian Fleming in Issue 194, on sale July 8 (Available in stores in UK and Ireland or via the Imagine eShop).

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  • tarbis

    I don’t really hate Zeke. What I hate about him is he make stupid mistakes bec he wanted something that Cole have. But he’s smart and a good guy who supports our main hero.

  • Garan

    Zeke!You snake in the grass!

  • Aland

    I liked zeke hes a cool guy did the right thing in the end when trying to save cole

  • esteban

    I didn’t hate Zeke, I just didn’t like him that much. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t change Zeke when they knew a lot of people hate him, and the DID change Cole, the best character (and element) of the game. His voice and look was perfect for a unwilling super/anti hero.

  • Dave Moore

    i like zeke…….i hate what suker punch have done to cole.

  • Asur

    Zeke is a selfish bastard who was willing to till 10,000+ just to get super powers.