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Sucker Punch – ‘We Made Dumb Decisions’ with inFamous

Sucker Punch – ‘We Made Dumb Decisions’ with inFamous

inFamous2_02Speaking exclusively to Play at its Seattle studio base, Sucker Punch has admitted that it made mistakes in how it made inFamous, but has learnt from them and made significant improvements for inFamous 2. Development director Chris Zimmerman revealed that the studio is now very familiar with the PS3 hardware and is fully prepared to exploit it to make inFamous 2 look the best it can.

“We made some really dumb decisions in the last game, but we’ve managed to fix them,” he told us. “It was pretty early on that we knew what we weren’t doing in inFamous that we needed to do in inFamous 2, but we had to tear a whole bunch of stuff up and put it back together. In technical terms the biggest thing that we’ve done is migrate a much larger part of our code to run on the SPUs. The PS3 has this elaborate architecture where there’s a whole bunch of different places you can have your code run and we had it all running in the slow part.”

By sussing out the hardware Sucker Punch believes it has a game that could never be achieved on another console. “If you look at games like Uncharted 2 that’s a game that you actually can’t do on Xbox no matter how clever you are, there’s just more processing power on the PS3,” Zimmerman explained. “inFamous 2 is going to be the same way. You’ll look at it and see that there’s no way we could have done this game on 360.”

Want to know more? Read Play’s Exclusive preview of inFamous 2 featuring interviews with Chris Zimmerman, Nate Fox and Brian Fleming in Issue 194, on sale July 8 (Available in stores in UK and Ireland or via the Imagine eShop).

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  • No Spam

    Using more of the SPUs huh…. use them all Sucker Punch…. at full power… i want my fan to kick in as soon as i put in the blu-ray disk… i want the fan to be really loud…. the PS3 can take it…. can’t wait for this game… great read

  • Marc

    You want to know a dumb decision? Completely changing your main character into a N’sync reject. Cole looks and sounds like a *pancake*. They’ve ruined their protagonist.

    I’m seriously considering not buying InFamous 2 because of how they’re dumbing down the game all to reach a wider demographic. The people who bought the first game wont return if this is how you treat us.
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • Sean

    Is that picture really from the same people that brought us Infamous 1?
    They really are using more SPU’s huh. I for one have seen the Infamous 2 gameplay and there is a huge leap technically and cinematically. Really well done. Not sure why the character has changed so much though, is it a different person? seems to be.

  • Red

    It’s nice to see devs taking responsibility for their mistakes, but this seems more like them carrying water for Sony than anything else. From an architectural standpoint, I didn’t find too much wrong with the first game, no more than any other game. This seems more like the kind of techincal-but-mostly-undetectable kind of thing that no one noticed at all until they said something.

    I would be much happier if they admitted the gameplay was slightly broken, or that enemies were mostly bland dimwits that sniped you from miles away. The don’t need to actually say anything, though, as the footage from the sequel proves they know the angle from the first game was kinda crummy. The “we just want to appeal to a broader audience” excuse only works if the original experience wasn’t already pandering to a wide audience, they know full well that action should take precedence over trying to make a game look cool, and that’s where they are going with the sequel. Good on them.

    I digress, though. These are the kind of veiled statements we get from devs with first party contracts after every E3. This is less a “we made some mistakes, but we’re fixing them” statement as it is “the Playstation 3 is technically advanced, so maybe you want to buy one”. After every E3, devs with contracts are paraded out to make these kinds of statements, Sony often having its devs tout technical clout (its always “we could only do this on the PS3”, a statement that is sadly ludicrous), and Microsoft having its devs tout the superiority of Live (when you get almost the exact same experience on PSN for absolutely free). It’s just business as usual, you carry the water for the people who pay you.

  • @Marc
    Are you seriously writing off this new design before even seeing more of the game than this weekend’s trailer and without hearing the reasons behind it? Sucker Punch hasn’t changed him for no good reason. It’s really thought about it.
    It’s all in the next issue on Play, on sale this week. Seems like you could do with reading it.

  • sammyT (PSN:gamesnskate)

    Anybody else notice SLY on the back of ‘Cole’ ?

  • Aland

    Im disapointed how they changed coles hair and voice MOSTLY THE VOICE U stupid idiots How could u remove the epic voice of cole … and the hair makes me go WTF !

  • Dear Sucker Punch as a gamer and a fan of inFAMOUS, that’s the unique gameplay, characters, art style, voices, sound effects, soundtrack. I hereby order you to reboot this “inFAMOUS 2” on behalf of all the PlayStation 3 gamers and fans of the real “Cole McGrath” and stop getting Naughty Dog to make your game look, sound and feel like a Uncharted titles with “Ice Cones and Big Stun Guns”. I will not be supporting this title due to it no longer feels unique at all, just another wannabe game. I am Be, I am Be “BOYCOTTING this inFAMOUS 2”


  • Sean


    yea I’m gonna have to agree with you on that, at first I thought it was a totally new character (it basically is really). I guess we will have to wait and see in the next issue of Play if the drastic change in character design is justifiable or not.

  • Matt

    I think that Cole is hot now, and much easier to connect to as a character. I don’t think the new voice actor sounds ALL that different, especially when he raises his voice. I did not so much like the grunty bald (cliche) Cole from the first InFamous. I never felt like I was connected to him. I am happy for the change.

  • Dave Moore

    here here marc.
    changing his look and the voice actor is the dumbest thing suker punch have done.

  • sab

    You can disagree with me but I think all this hatred over Cole’s new look is a little absurd. This entire game will be exactly the same regardless of what the characters look like. And in all honesty, Cole did kind of have a bland personality in Infamous. I believe it’s a better idea to give him both a new appearance and attitude, rather than just a new attitude. Also I understand the concern that they are trying to reach a broader demographic with the game using Cole’s new look, but isn’t that the point? If they are in fact able to do that, then we can expect another great game from them in the near future. They gotta make money to make the games.

  • lDEFYl

    I swear if this game comes out running as smoothly as mentioned here it will already be a vastly better game…frame rate issues were definitely noticeable in the first game and were probably the biggest annoyances for me

  • vivaldu

    I love inFamous, i love the improvement of environment, the city and anything else, and its was great that you share ideas with naughty dog, but changing the Cole, that was the real mistake, he looks great, but he isn’t Cole Everybody sais that, in my opinion is the brother of Nathan Hale, and i really dont like that, uncharted is a great game but inFamous it’s to, and i really want to see images of the infamous Cole, the bad one, if is possible in this game, keep the good work.

  • Sam Vernoholica

    I dont really agree what Sucker Punch has done with Cole. I mean he sounds different, he looks different. And he has a new ice power,but im not bothered about that coz i wondered to myself last year after completing inFamous. “I bet they’l bring a sequel out with cole and new powers”. And i was kinda right. I dont entirly agree with the new hero, but some bits please me. Overall i think he’s gonna be fine, as long as they dont give him some stupid lightning rods for a weapon (oh god damn it me and my big mouth). Cmon SuckaPunch, he’s a hero/Villan not a ninja…

  • Liam

    It is sly on the back of him!
    i don’t really care about how much they changed him,his hair was short in the first because it was burnt off in the explosion, why can’t it grow back. his face is all that much different either, and maybe they didn’t have the choice to change the voice because the original voice actor was unavailable.

  • Dave Moore

    sorry jon,having read the feature in play i think thats a poor excuse for changinh cole so much.the character worked fine the 1st time.recastng him because they are using cut scenes and thought the original actor wouldnt work seems a lame excuse to make him more apealing.i agree with the boy band look comment.

  • Not sure how practicality can be a bad excuse. Old Cole was a voice actor only, new Cole provided voice, motion capture and likeness. When you see the payoff of that in terms of animation and cut scenes the decision seems unavoidable.

  • Dave Moore

    ok,i admit that i haven’t seen as much as you guys and i me be a bit pre-judgmental.