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Sucker Punch Ruins Cole Again

Sucker Punch Ruins Cole Again

Having announced user created levels for inFamous 2 I was devastated to see that Sucker Punch has changed the look of Cole MacGrath AGAIN!!! When will this sorry saga end?

It’s frustrating when a videogame developer seems to understand less about its hero than the fans do. It’s annoying when we’re the ones who have to stand up and make a case for the way things used to be. ‘You got it right the first time you jerks!’ we might shout, if we weren’t so thoroughly drained of energy from all the seething we’ve been doing.

It was bad enough when Sucker Punch revealed the ‘new Cole’ to us in Issue 194 telling us it was all about making him look like the new voice actor. I felt betrayed. I was incredibly attached the the generic looking, slap-headed biker douche in the original game. I felt there was a strong bond there and now he was gone. Discarded in the dustbin of history.

The one true Cole?

But then, rejoicing! Sucker Punch listened to the ranting, raving and frothing at the mouth of its devoted fans (whose videogame design and character creation experience in the games industry was extensive) and changed Cole back. He was wearing  a T-shirt now, but hell… at least it was yellow.

And what have Sucker Punch gone and done now. MADE THE T-SHIRT WHITE!!!!

What are they thinking? What madness has taken over in Seattle? Is there something in the coffee over there?

What the hell is Cole doing wearing white? It’s completely against everything he stands for. He never wore white in the first game, so why on Earth would he start wearing it now. It makes absolutely no sense.

And as for the whole user created content thing… don’t even get me started. Clearly it’s an excuse for getting gamers to design their game for them because they can’t be bothered to do it themselves.

[A Note To The Foolish – the author of this blog believes in absolutely nothing that he has written above. The content of this article could most accurately be described as ‘sarcastic’ perhaps even verging on the ‘satirical’. He actually had no problem with the Cole redesign, thought it was fair enough when it changed and doesn’t really care one way or the other what colour shirt he wears. As for UGC and levels, he gave LBP2 96% in Play, which should give some indication of his feelings on such matters and he thinks user created missions are an amazing idea.

Well done Sucker Punch on doing something genuinely exciting and fresh in the sandbox genre

We thought we should make all of that clear.]

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  • Kieran

    Has it occurred to you that his clothes may be customizable?

  • Garan

    I heard Cole’s shirt colour will match what ever karmatic path he’s on.Good=white,neutral=yellow,evil=red.At least thats what I was told.

  • Conor

    Hey we can all settle for green right?

    No we probably cant…..

  • Jack

    Thanks for that bracketed message. I almost took that seriously, it can be hard to tell these days when someone is being sarcastic or serious via typed messages.

  • @Jack Are you being sarcastic?