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Subscriptions For Call Of Duty 7?

Subscriptions For Call Of Duty 7?


Activision has been talking over its finances for the last year and looking ahead to the future with confirmation that it will, unsurprisingly, be releasing another Call Of Duty title on all major formats this ‘holiday season’. We all knew that one was coming. But what was new was a suggestion from Activision CEO Bobby Kotick that it would be introducing some form of subscription to playing the game.

“If you think about the successes we have had in other categories on subscriptions, you can get a sense of the direction we want to take that franchise,” Kotick told investors. It was also revealed that it wasn’t expecting to get the same clear window in 2010 as Modern Warfare 2 got last year. If Treyarch is the team developing COD this year then it’s fair to say others will not be as scared of it.

But what do you think of subscriptions for COD 7? What would it be charging you for? Would it put you off buying the next game. Let us know what you think. Go to our FORUM to have your say.

Via Kotaku

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  • connor

    if this happens i will never buy an activision ame again – arnt they amking engouh money already out of us .

  • Jack Gash

    This happens and i wont buy it
    i’m not buying a game were i have to pay to play it online.

  • Dave Moore

    a disgrace, especially if your a 360 owner and already get shafted by microshaft for paying to go online,

  • G Potter

    If they go down this route they are going to alienate an awful lot of gamers who without doubt will turn to somewhere else to get their FPS shooter kicks,I have a ps3 so I can play online without paying extra for the priveledge,I for one will not be buying a game where online play is charged as an extra,I pay for my broadband and I pay to buy the game isn’t that enough already?

  • That guy >>

    Dont worry for those with PS3
    They dont have the power to make us pay for online service Especially if it can be bought In Playstation Store