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Stuck On Games? Here’s How To Cheat!

Everyone struggles with games sometimes. It’s okay; you can admit it to us. Fortunately there are people out there that wish to lend a hand. Whether you’re after 100% completion, struggling with a particular trophy, or are just stuck on a puzzle; Imagine Publishing’s new iPad Apps, PS3 Cheats & Tips and PowerStation, are now on hand to help you out.

With great guides, trusted tips, and perfect solutions it’s the comprehensive companion to videogame success. From GTA IV to Modern Warfare 2 to Assassin’s Creed II to Red Dead Redemption, PS3 Cheats & Tips and PowerStation have it all.

Both PS3 Cheats & Tips and PowerStation offer users one-tap page-turn navigation, smooth thumbnail scrolling, page zooming, feedback tools, the ability to share the guide with friends, bookmarks, a cutting-edge search engine, and the ability to viewed in either widescreen or portrait format – in other words a complete interactive experience. Also, every edition of both PS3 Cheats & Tips and PowerStation comes with a complete A-Z list of cheats for hundreds of games.

As if that wasn’t enough, once downloaded, each edition of PS3 Cheats & Tips can be enjoyed completely offline.

Take a look at both Apps using the following links. You’ll find that they are exactly what you need to give yourself the edge while playing your favourite games.


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