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Stay Classy

Simple, classy, and effective. It’s just a pity I that I absolutely despise the noob tube in Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and any other Call Of Duty relate game ever. IT TAKES NO SKILL.

There’s something very oddly cute about this. Not that BioShock is in any way cute at all (Little Sisters are NOT cute. They’re brainwashed kids), but if I saw this on the shelf I’d still be drawn to it.

Love this one. It very effectively communicates the art style, humous and action of the game with a few simple – yet instantly recognisable – silhouettes. You wouldn’t even need the text on the box here to know what it is.

Olly Moss was the artist that first kicked off this whole classy videogame box art thing with a short series of images, which included this simple representation of Gordon Freeman’s favourite weapon rendered on an orange backdrop. Perfect.

Another from Olly Moss, again encapsulating the features at the core of GTA IV – American satire and a wanted level.

Another predominantely black image – black is just classy. By using three simple shapes to represent Codename 47’s shirt and red tie, this poster immediately evokes stealthy kills and cold sniper shots.

Verticality, big drops, and death-defying leaps of faith. This box art cpatures everything about Mirror’s Edge in one image – including it’s red, white and blue colour scheme, and then gives it something of a Hitchcockian twist.

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    I’d have to disagree with Team Fortress, I don’t think it communicates a chickpea-based dip. More of a salsa/guacamole feel.


  • Ella

    What a fab piece! I *LOVE* the TF2 one, absolutely spot on… In fact, that would make a geat wallpaper for my desktop! *hint hint*

    (Just want to quietly point out that the CoD one looks like a comb……… sorry)

    But did I mention how much I love the TF2 one?! Oh and the Mirror’s Edge art is excellent as well 🙂