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Star Wars Characters That Should Have Their Own Games

Star Wars Characters That Should Have Their Own Games

Star Wars day. Not something to get us particularly excited on Play except that the reason it’s Star Wars day because of a pun (May the 4th… be with you, he he he). Pun days we approve of and we would approve of these characters getting games one day too. Some have appeared in game form, but none have been the star. It’s time for that to change.

Greedo (Pictured) – Who was this strange creature who was too slow and dim-witted to kill Han Solo? Could he have suffering from an injury when they met? We’d like to know a little more about Greedo’s back story.

Mace Windu – A Jedi with a purple lightsaber must have seen some action over the years. We’re talking pre-clone action of course. How did Windu earn his place on the Jedi council for instance?

Admiral Ackbar – Probably a puzzle based games where Ackbar must solve elaborate and perilous obstacles or ambushes from which he can suddenly exclaim in surprise with his famous catchphrase.

Boba Fett – Jango got a game, but where’s Boba’s game? Seriously, how did the ball get dropped on this one? Someone needs to be sacked… or maybe hired. One or the other.

Aayla Secura (Pictured) – Glimpsed dying in Revenge Of The Sith Aayla has a pretty big fan base being as she is one of the most bad-ass female Jedis in the known galaxy. She’s got some stories to tell.

Chewbacca – Chewwy! He was part of the Clone Wars fighting along with his wookiee brethren on Kashyyyk and went on to play a major role in the events of IV-VI. He’s seen it all and plenty more besides.

But who do you think deserves to get some extra videogame attention? Let us know

Aayla Secura

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  • Jason

    im ‘fraid you’ve missed one. whos this you ask? Why its the only black guy in the universe. Lando freaken Calrissian.

  • Dan Gray

    Lando Calrissian’s betrayal challenge.

    Or better yet… Cantina Band Hero.

  • Ian Dransfield

    I’m still sticking with my predictions for what The Force Unleashed III could/would be about:


    Leisure Suit Lando still makes me laugh.

  • David

    Love the idea of Lando and the Cantina Band games.