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Square Enix and the 360


Square Enix’s new infatuation with the 360 is something of a strange phenomenon, in a time when most publishers are looking to avoid potential risks and maximise revenue streams. Despite a contextually healthy 2008 for the 360 in Japan, it still boggles the mind as to why it’d release Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean IV and The Last Remnant exclusively on the 360 (though the latter will supposedly receive a belated PS3 port). The PS3 still has a dependable install base in Japan. I’m not saying that I personally long for any of those titles on the platform, but in an industry that has embraced multi-platform development, Square Enix’s approach is seemingly old-fashioned.

Still, perhaps the somewhat damp sales of The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery will affect its business model, in future. Seizing Final Fantasy XIII for the 360 was a triumph for Microsoft, and there’s a genuine chance that it’ll outsell the PS3 version – for younger, less market-friendly franchises, however, the chance of failure is far greater.

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  • saminseattle

    wouldnt it be just technically better to make an RPG for PS3 over 360 as blu-ray discs can hold so much more data.

  • It’s called cold hard cash. MS has it, square takes it in the ass to get some. Simple old school bussiness if you can’t beat them buy them. That’s MS’s stance vs. Sony. It would be interesting to see how much MS paid for FF13. Once can only imagine….

  • Skywalker333

    well, the main problem wasnt the fact that last remnant and infinite undiscovery came on xbox360. The problem was that the games SUCKED!!!
    I dont care even if they sell them for 2$ in every console, the games were really bad and thats why they didn’t sell well.

    Make DECENT games and you will see DECENT sales!

  • FreD_BeaR

    Skywalker, that was well put. But I believe that is only half the reason those games havent been successful. For the most part compared to PS3, 360 owners dont like that kind of game as much. I personally dont want to play them either, but that dosnt mean others dont. I think they would be much more successful on the PS3 due to the market in Japan. The games may suck to us, but not to everyone, who knows.

  • thricedeviate

    I agree with all 3 post above me M$ most likely payed a hefty sum to get FFXIII on their system, on the other hand PS3 will be getting FFX Versus 13 on theirs. So as for all the exclusives coming out to 360 I have no idea maybe M$ threw some money at Square or Square maybe wanted to test their games on a diff platform than ps3. The bottom line is both Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant were pretty bad RPGS they were decent but that’s about it. Maybe Star Ocean 4 will do better but who knows…

    Either way I’m looking forward to FF games on both systems =]

  • David Macphail

    The reason those aforementioned games sucked was because they were built for a console with last – gen hardware.

    There was a tremedous amount of hype for The Last Remnant – the game looked brilliant and the idea of the game was fantastic – unfortunately, the execution was flawed because of the 360’s rather drastic hardware limitations. Because of the Xbox 360 – a game that seemed to be destined for greatness got described as a “Technical mess”, i can guarantee you that when the PS3 version comes out this year that won’t be the case.

    It’s not like this is the first time this has happened either – take a look at the ridiculous number of JRPG’s that were touted as being the “Saviour” of the Xbox 360:

    Infinite Undiscovery
    Blue Dragon
    Lost Oddysey

    Does anyone here HONESTLY think that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will do any better? Me neither.

    Look at the sales of White Knight Chronicles for the PS3…..that game has completely ripped up the Japaneese software charts since it’s release, it sold almost a quarter of a million in just 3 days! In 3 days, most 360 games sell about 40,000…….pathetic.

    Square – Enix have to be looking at theese sales figures and thinking to themselves “Is Microsoft’s money really worth risking our reputation over?”. The sales from their 360 exclusives have probably barely covered the production costs, while Level 5 are enjoying tremedous success with the PS3……….Square Enix should just cut the 360 loose and let it die in peace, before it drags them down with it.

  • Hazy

    So many ignorant fanboys…
    Developers have been having lots of problems with Unreal Engine on PS3, much more so than 360.
    “Drastic hardware limitations”. I suggest that you elaborate a bit more.
    In what way is the 360 drastically underpowered for RPGs and the Unreal Engine?
    Its got nothing to do with the 360’s hardware, rather the fact that SE have been having issues with the Unreal Engine itself.

    I never understand how people can detest a company so much. Its a business people. Get over it.

    Blu-rays holding more data doesn’t necessarily mean that said BD game will be technically superior to one on a DVD.
    Look at Crysis. Gears of War. Just about any other current gen game out there.
    In the event that a game requires a lot of data, there is always the option of multi-disc.
    The quality of a game and how it looks is never determined by the amount of storage capacity available on a certain medium.

    As for the people claiming that TLR and Lost Odyssey are “crap”, I ask.. have any of you played these games?
    Lost Odyssey is a wonderful, yet somewhat old fashioned, slow-paced RPG.
    It had some pretty annoying loading issues at launch, which is as far as technical problems for that game go (NXE install renders these problems obsolete)

    I own both machines and I can honestly say that the 360’s hardware is not something to be underestimated. Neither is the PS3’s for that matter.