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Spotify headed for the PS3?

Spotify headed for the PS3?


A rumour is circulating that Spotify, the peer-to-peer music streaming service, will soon be made available for consoles. And unnamed source claiming to be an employee of Spotify has said that the company has “something in the works for the next gen consoles”. Although we thought they weren’t ‘next gen’ any more by now, we assume he is referring to the PS3, 360 and probably the Wii too.

It would certainly make sense for a tailor-made Spotify client to be made available on consoles, given that popular internet services are apparently queuing up for a place on Dashboards and XMBs everywhere. But it’s also quite possible that someone has made up this rumour because it seems like a logical step. There’s a lot of music on Spotify, by the way. While Vidzone, by comparison, has a mere 13,000 video tracks, Spotify currently has a total of 6 million audio ones. And they’re free assuming you don’t mind poor-ish quality and frequent adverts.

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  • Dave Moore

    prefer vidzone any day-that way i an put the mute on black eyed peas meet me half way and just admire fergies legs.cant do that with an audio file.

  • I hope spotify or any application of the same nature becomes available to the ps3, something better then vidzon, you can see the professionalism from spotify.

  • Andrew

    I think it should be a Premium only thing, and you should be able to play spotify over the game that would be better 🙂