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Spoiler warning! Leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage is shocking

Spoiler warning! Leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage is shocking


Some anonymous guy in France has somehow got hold of a copy of Modern Warfare 2 and has uploaded footage of the opening level to the internet. It sees the player taking the role of one of a small group of terrorists walking through an airport systematically killing every civilian in sight. It is not comfortable viewing. I’m sure Infinity Ward does not intend for it to be comfortable viewing, and if you do find it comfortable viewing, then there is probably something wrong with you.

I’m not about to pass judgement on this footage out of context, but I now cannot wait to review the full game next week just to find out exactly how this level is justified, and make no mistake, it does need to be justified. If Infinity Ward pulls it off – and the difficult topics of a public execution and a nuclear bombing  were handled remarkably well in Call Of Duty 4 – then they’ll be boldly and dramatically pushing back the boundaries of video game storytelling. But I can’t say I’m not worried. Treyarch’s Call Of Duty: World At War was an embarrassingly tasteless, insensitive and disrespectful representation of some horrific events and while I trust that Infinity Ward is a different and much, much better developer, part of me fears that Modern Warfare 2 may have gone the same way. Whatever happens, this is sure to prompt a lot of discussion, some of it hopefully intelligent and constructive. I just hope that the intelligent and constructive points get heard and that we don’t just get knee jerk reactions on either side of the debate.

I’ll be playing the full game next week for the review in issue 186 of Play, which is on sale November 26th, but will be sure to post some impressions on this very blog as soon as I can.

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  • Hazy

    I don’t see why games shouldn’t be able to portray stuff like this, so long as it is handled in a tasteful manner.
    It is an adult-rated game after all.

  • Danny Monaghan

    where was the same revolt when reviewing thr GTA series, the most fun to be had was shooting, killing, kicking to death the innocent civilians. gta wouldn’t have been the game it is today without that.
    Its a computer game mate. It isn’t actually real.
    You need a pint of beer my son.

  • L3Z

    As far as im concerned a game is a game and people need to realise this. Its not real.