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Special Editions For 2010 Exclusives

Special Editions For 2010 Exclusives


Sony has announced very special editions of both God Of War III and Heavy Rain coming exclusively to Europe. Both collections offer extra content that is being released separately in the US, but thankfully there are a few extra twists to make the expense worth while. The God Of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition for instance includes the HD remastered version of God Of War and God Of War II that were released in the US recently. Heavy rain meanwhile Collector’s Edition features additional Heavy Rain Chronicles content which acts as a prequel to the main game.


The big one is the God Of War Trilogy set though with its long list if exciting contents. It includes God Of War III, God Of War Collection, Combat Arena with seven challenges, four character skins, Making of God Of War documentary, trilogy soundtrack, heavy metal EP inspired by GOW, an artbook and postcards. All of this is brought to you in a rather fetching replica of Pandora’s box (although thankfully it’s not to scale).

HeavyRainSEMeanwhile Heavy Rain is no slouch with its offerings. As well as the game the Collector’s edition also gives you Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1, Heavy Rain soundtrack and dynamic XMB theme. This one comes in a special rain effect sleeve with 3D rain drops. Sounds intriguing. If you don’t get the special edition you should still be able to download the Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 and 2 from PSN. The first is the Taxidermist level featuring Madison Paige, which you may remember from E3’s gone by. Chronicle 2’s topic is unknown at present, but we’ll likely hear about it soon.

Via EU PlayStation Blog

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  • Balram

    We just need one for ModNation Racers, DC Universe Online (Free Extra Week if you purchase the Special Edition Version) just the same the with The Agency, also one for Agent, Gran Turismo 5 and what else??? hmm I’ll come back with some more later, OH YEAH! Also a PS Eye, with two PS3 Motion Controllers! XD = P